Fiat and Kia Using ChatGPT to Open Metaverse Car Dealerships

Car manufacturers Fiat and Kia have opened metaverse showrooms and have partnered with ChatGPT to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Both Fiat and Kia plan to offer customers the ability to browse vehicles through digital showrooms integrated into the metaverse.

The Fiat metaverse store is in collabroation with Microsoft and software firm Touchcast. This was initially announced at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, and it aims to make buying a car in the metaverse as realistic as buying from a showroom.

Microsoft’s recent deal with OpenAI, means the software has been integrating ChatGPT technology into its products. This will allow Microsoft software to adapt to any situation and offer on-the-spot solutions.

It means customers will be able to discuss issues with a ‘Fiat Genius’, which is a web3 avatar built on ChatGPT, so pretty much nearly any query will be answered.

Credit Fiat

Customers can explore the attributes of the vehicles, ask questions, and potentially even complete their purchase from home. Complex questions are redirected to human assistants who can easily assist from anywhere on the planet.

And best of all, the Fiat Metaverse Store will be accessible via Microsoft Teams without requiring a VR headset, avatar, or specialized hardware.

Touchcast CEO Edo Segal said the digital experience closely resembles meeting a human salesperson in a dealership and asking them questions.

Eventually, the technology will be available inside cars so that customers can ask questions after purchasing a vehicle. “It raises the fidelity of communications,” he said. “It’s even better than being in a dealership.”

Kia German Launches Metaverse Dealership

Kia Germany has introduced a metaverse dealership that operates on Engage, a metaverse platform for business. Although the store can be accessed on mobile devices or computers, the most immersive experience is obtained by using a VR headset.

Through the use of digital avatars, patrons can navigate a virtual showroom, engage with automobiles, inspect the service bays, and obtain answers to their inquiries by following hyperlinks to Kia’s website.

Credit Freepik

Engage CEO David Whelan said he expects the launch of Kia’s Metaverse Dealership to be the first of many partnerships with car manufacturers.

“The launch of Kia Germany’s flagship dealership in the metaverse demonstrates the versatility of the metaverse and how the automotive industry can expand its reach virtually,” said Whelan. “Customers now have another option on how to research and purchase a vehicle and we anticipate this will be the first of many dealerships to open in the metaverse.”

Chat GPT, Car Showrooms, It’s All Coming to Web3

With the launch of car dealerships from two leading car manufacturers, it’s clear that interest from big corporations is there for Web3 and the metaverse.

And being able to integrate and build on tech stacks such as OpenAI, it’s hard to imagine what the metaverse will be like in just a few years.

It’s very early days, but with big announcements like these coming on an almost daily basis, it’s hard not to get too excited for what will be.


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