Heads Up! Web3’s Most Anticipated Game – WILDCARD – Is About To Crash Into The Metaverse

Wildcard has made quite a name for themselves since last June when they shared the news of their $46M project funded by Paradigm VC. Wildcard has amassed a growing 30K+ Discord community and is one of the most anticipated Web3 gaming projects of 2023. What’s it all about?

What Is Wildcard? To understand the game, you have to start at the beginning. Let’s travel 18 km/s to Frostburn Asteroid, home of the state-of-the-art Wildcard arena where the game takes place. At the adjacent Frostburn Village (where there is no shortage of gossip), Wildfans and competitors can enjoy great restaurants, fantastic accommodations, and intergalactic shopping.

Frostburn Arena is buzzing with activity. Janitors scurry about scrubbing, sopping up stains, and shining the seats. Village gossipers speculate on what could be big enough to force reigning Lubabubian Champion BOLGAR out of a five-year retirement. The grudge match of the millennium is less than a week away and tensions are high, and Bolgar’s about to burst back into the arena to battle his arch nemesis and Chronian Champion LOCKE.

Welcome to Wildcard, one of the most highly anticipated Wed3 games of the year. The game’s developers are polishing up the finishing touches on something major; a moment five years in the making. On February 23rd, Wildcard will open Frostburn Arena’s virtual “doors” and invite you in to watch the game’s very first public exhibition, Melee on the Meteor. The public exhibition is catapulting into the metaverse Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 12 p.m. CST, so save it in your calendars, this is an event not to be missed.

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Melee on the Meteor will be the first time members of the Wildcard community join together online as competitors, fans, and spectators to experience the game’s newest build. Frostburn Arena, Wildcard’s virtual event venue, is where it’s all about to go down as champions Bolgar and Locke step into the arena to do battle with their trusty teams of summons.

Wildcard is a Web3 multiplayer battle arena game where Champions and their magical creatures (summons) square off in a game of strategy, skill and endurance while stands live fans and spectators root them on. This upcoming Wildcard exhibition on February 23rd will pit members from the Discord community against professional streamers as community members participate live with real-time giveaways, polls, and air-dropped prizes – including allowlist opportunities for Wildcard’s upcoming mint.

Wildcard’s Co-Founder and CEO Paul Bettner was inspired watching streamers enthusiastically engage with the spectators fans making up a massive community. The Lucky’s Tale creator was inspired to create  a brand new era of gaming. He envisioned a platform where players and creators could directly engage with their fans and build a competitive ecosystem.That new ecosystem is Wildcard, and it’s so much more than a game.Wildcard is also a community.

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In 2017, Paul’s dream started to bring the vision for Wildcard and its gaming platform to life. But five years ago, the world wasn’t quite ready for Wildcard. After working steadfast and tirelessly, Paul found the missing link: The Metaverse. 

“Web3 is the missing piece. It unlocks our ability to build an open platform for video game competition and content creation that is owned by its players and its fans. It is fantasy sports, college athletics, and pro leagues all rolled into one, played online, minted on the blockchain, and owned by the community.”

Melee on the Meteor features the champions Bolgar and Locke and how their colorful and complex story has captivated and shaped the entire Wildcard Universe along with the Wildcard community. The characters and their history are woven into the overarching narrative of the event and outcome, played out LIVE by community members themselves, will shape all Wildcard Universe lore henceforth. This means that the Wildcard community is able to be involved in the developing storylines of their favorite characters and the Wildcard universe.

Wildcard is a thrilling game built on a Web3 platform designed to be owned by the community and offering a greatly expanded creator toolset, which will unlock new opportunities for player ownership, fan incentives, and community engagement.

Wildcard will no longer be minting or requiring tickets to this event – all are welcome to join the event live on Wildcard’s Discord Server or via Twitch or YouTube. Every spectator will have thrilling opportunities to participate live in real time during the event, including chances to win giveaways and spots on the Allowlist for Wildcard’s upcoming mint on OpenSea. 

Wildcard Exhibition: Melee on the Meteor will be crashing into the metaverse on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 10a PT/12pm CT/1p ET. The exhibition (and matches leading up to it) will be available LIVE on Discord, Twitch, and Youtube

Wildcard’s first public exhibition will be the match of the millennium.

Stay tuned!

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