Web City Club: PFP NFTs and the Upcoming NFT Game

The Web City Club NFT collection runs on the Polygon network and features an NFT lottery. The game revolves around 10,000 PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs. These cartoon-style 2D pieces of digital Pet 3piders represent spiders in Web3 and are associated with future perks for their owners. They are ERC-721 tokens that are registered on the Polygon blockchain. 

How to play Web City Club (WCC)

Users must own at least one of the PFP NFTs to participate in the games offered by the partner of the Web City Club, Betspider. Pet 3spider NFTs grant their owners the right to enter the lotteries. Another way to participate in weekly lotteries is to buy tickets with cryptocurrencies. Multiple entries are allowed. 

There’s a weekly jackpot each week, and the sole survivor wins the whole prize very much like the Squid Game. The total number of NFT and ticket sales in that particular week determines the total amount held in the prize pool. 90% of the sales are allocated to the weekly lottery and the ambassador program mentioned below. The remaining 10% is reserved for marketing efforts for the time being. 

At every round, lucky numbers are generated randomly. The survivors are selected using the latest block hash at the end of the round. The same process repeats until the sixth round, where only one survivor is left. The owner of the surviving Pet 3pider is eligible to claim the jackpot. The partner casino’s website (Betspider) will announce the winner first, and a day later, the official Web City Club Twitter and Discord channels will also announce the winner. 

The company behind the game has been active for four years, and the NFT lottery game is expected to launch in April 2023. 

Web City Club NFTs

Secure a whitelist spot and benefit from giveaways

There will be private, presale, and public sale periods. There is an opportunity to get a whitelist spot for the presale now.

The private sale is now on to register a spot on the whitelist and it is expected to run until the end of February.

There are two classifications of the whitelist: guaranteed and competition. The whitelist spot guarantees an affordable price for purchasing NFTs. 

Whitelist spots will grant the first 4,000 NFTs, which will be sold during the presale period. The public sale – which is expected in March 2023 – will feature 4,660 NFTs. The price of each NFT will be 100$, 150$-180$, and 200$ in the private sale, presale, and public sale, respectively. 

These may be subject to change, so please follow the Discord channel of Web City Club to receive the latest announcements. 

NFTs purchased before the public mint will be disclosed once the public sale ends. 

Utilities of the Web City Club NFTs

Pet 3pider NFTs grant lifetime access to the lotteries. There’ll also be additional utilities for the NFT holders. 

For instance, NFT owners will be able to vote on DAO proposals to decide what games should be added to the Betspider’s ecosystem. The team will also give incentives to the NFT holders who are active promoters of the products of WCC. These NFT holders will be called WCC ‘embassadors’.

The official Discord channel will include a VIP channel for NFT holders where information on exclusive VIP events will be shared. 

Moreover, NFT holders of this inaugural collection will have benefits in future drops, such as price discounts and priority access. 

WCC Partnerships

Currently, Web City Club collaborates with BetSpider, which is a Curacao-licensed online casino launched in 2019. It’s compatible with EOS and Tron. The team plans to build more partnerships throughout 2023. NFT holders will be eligible to play all future games, including those provided by the WCC partners.


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