Inks MOU for NFT Collaboration with Studio Dragon has announced an MOU with Studio Dragon to promote the incorporation of K-content into NFTs.

The global platform will collaborate with Studio Dragon to exhibit their drama IP as NFTs. The first project will be the launch of the “Crash Landing on You” and “Start-Up” editions of Studio Dragon’s art toy “DearRo” on February 8th. The collaboration is part of’s mission to help Korean culture and art go mainstream.

DearRo NFTs

“DearRo” is a dragon-inspired art toy that enjoys K dramas and enjoys dressing up as the main characters from popular Korean dramas. The collection of 500 NFTs includes two global drama IPs and six main character costume cards. To engage with fans, Studio Dragon has revealed plans to showcase new K-drama NFTs every quarter.


K-Dramas (Korean Dramas) have seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years. Between 2019 and 2021, they experienced a 200% increase in viewership making K-dramas a dominant force in television. When it comes to embracing Web3 technology, Korea is becoming a global leader and Studio Dragon is seeking new ways to showcase its talents on the blockchain.

According to Patrick Yoon, General Manager of Korea, “Through this MoU with Studio Dragon, we plan to develop new ways for fans around the world to experience K content.”

He continued, “ will continue to collaborate with large content studios and management companies on their IPs and introduce Korean culture and arts to our 80 million users worldwide.”

Studio Dragon – Premium StoryTellers

Studio Dragon is a premium storyteller group established through the spinoff of CJ ENM’s drama business. The group encompasses a wide range of content creation, from planning and development to financing, production, and distribution.

Furthermore, Studio Dragon is Asia’s largest drama studio with 207 global premium IPs. The company produces over 30 drama series per year, utilizing the talent of 299 key creators. Studio Dragon distributes binge-worthy shows to over 200 nations.

Moreover, the company is expanding its global audience by developing even more compelling drama series. They have already established an LA-based international branch to broaden its content export into a global studio. – Presenting a Korean Experience to the World has been enabling fans globally to experience K-content. In collaboration with Metabeat, the company introduced a new Web3 age fandom culture by releasing the “Mamamoo NFT Special Collection”.

Debuting in 2014, MAMAMOO has demonstrated their status as a K-pop powerhouse. The band has mesmerized fans globally with their powerful vocals, exceptional dancing, and magnetic personalities.

In August, announced its first NFT collaboration with South Korean entertainment firm Fantagio. The release included five music NFTs of Meta Miu’s “Uptown Boy,” four of which feature different segments of the song, and one NFT contains the complete track.

For more information on the DearRo NFT drop, you can check out their Instagram.


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