eBay Strikes New NFT Partnership

The e-commerce giant is partnering with Notable Live to deliver fan experiences through NFTs.

The home of collectibles, eBay, is taking a giant step towards the future. Indeed, the company will leverage NFTs, and a new partnership with Notable Live, to provide sports fans with a platform to connect with players.

Currently, Notable Live is a mobile application that gives fans access to memorable experiences with players. Hence, the partnership will combine eBay’s collectible marketplace with Notable Live’s immersive sports fan platform.

Mike Antonucci, co-founder and CEO of Notable Live, said: “Our partnerships [focus] on delivering transformational solutions that provide fans true access. These solutions are built upon authentic offerings that attach memories to memorabilia and experiences directly from the source themselves.”

Wayne Gretsky NFTs as part of the eBay Genesis NFT Collection

eBay and NFTs

eBay’s latest move may come as no surprise. In fact, eBay already acquired the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin last year. Additionally, eBay released its Genesis NFT collection last year. Moreover, the Genesis collection features Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky performing career signature moves on the ice.

Now, this partnership with Notable Live appears to be a continuation of the company’s Web3 ambitions.

Dawn Block, vice president of collectibles at eBay, said: “Our partnership with Notable Live further enhances the market-leading experiences we’ve been building for our community of sports fans, collectors and investors. Thus, enabling them to engage with living legends in a new and meaningful way.”

eBay on the blockchain

EBay and Notable live are now implementing the limited edition NFTs, which will be sold on eBay’s marketplace. As things stand, it is not known which blockchain will be used to support the NFTs.

At present, eBay uses the fiat system for NFT purchases. For example, the platform allows Paypal and credit card payments for NFTs, which makes the experience more seamless for eBay shoppers.

However, fans will now have a chance to own their memorabilia as a digital asset on the blockchain.

What is more, the co-founder of Notable Live is a living legend himself, NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. Indeed, it seems that sports fans are in for a treat when this partnership between eBay and Notable Live comes to fruition.


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