EtherMail’s Web3 email solution enables Prime Planet to tailor communication with NFT holders

Schaan, Liechtenstein, 14 November 2022 – EtherMail, the first Web 3.0 Email Solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication, has today announced a strategic partnership with Prime Planet.

EtherMail’s Web3 solution will allow Prime Planet to tailor their communication with NFT holders based on the specific type of NFT that they hold and associated rarity traits. Prime Planet is a project consisting of two primary collections: Prime Ape Planet and Prime Kong Planet, and sub-collection: The Infected Apes, which are generated when an existing Prime Ape Planet NFT holder combines their NFT with the digital art element known as the Poisoned Banana. Prime Ape Planet is considered one of the most successful NFT projects of all time, surpassing the 30,000 Ethereum volume traded threshold on OpenSea, something only 57 projects in history have achieved. The Prime Planet team plans to release another collection under their umbrella, Prime Dragon Planet, in November 2022.

The community-powered NFT project originally launched in December 2021 with much fanfare to its art, designed by renowned global artists. Former Disney/Marvel artist Kurtis Dawe launched the NFT project with Travis Smith and Chris Hogstead, with the trio boasting extensive experience working at the vanguard of Hollywood visual effects for over a decade.

EtherMail is the only tool in the Web3 space allowing Web3 companies to send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on up to the minute information. Included in EtherMail’s future pipeline will be the introduction of its native utility token, $EMT, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. EMT will be a first-of-its-kind incentivization mechanism designed to reward email users for their time and attention reading unsolicited emails, creating a much-needed framework for email economics.

Shant Kevonian, CEO and Founder of EtherMail said: “It’s fair to say the team at Prime Planet embody the ongoing Web2 and Web3 merge – taking their skills honed in the Web2 Hollywood sphere and deploying them in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. We’re delighted to complement their community relations activities with our best in class Web3 email solution – geared towards customized communication, and wish them every success in their upcoming roadmap.”

Anthony Kalasunas, Managing Director of Prime Planet said: “Having surveyed the Web3 landscape, EtherMail’s value proposition stood out as the frontrunner in terms of wallet to wallet communication. Given the vibrancy within our community, and upcoming pipeline of activity, we felt it was important to leverage the breakthrough tools in Web3 communication to facilitate streamlined, custom communication with our community – the bedrock of our ecosystem. We’re delighted with this integration, and look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the EtherMail team.”

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About EtherMail

EtherMail is the first Web 3.0 Email Solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. With EtherMail, companies can send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on blockchain-synced real time information. EtherMail also allows fully anonymous P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox.

About Prime Planet

Launched by globally renowned visual innovators Kurtis Dawe, Travis Smith and Chris Hogstead, the Prime Planet project currently consists of 3 collections: Prime Ape Planet, Prime Kong Planet, and Infected Ape Planet. Prime Dragon Planet, the 4th collection under their umbrella, is due to release in November 2022.

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