Veve to Drop DeLorean Time Machine, Back to the Future 2

Veve’s latest drop is an Ultra-rare edition of the DeLorean Time Machine from the Back to the Future II franchise. Fans and collectors can grab the latest NFTs on Friday, the 21st of October, at 8 am Pacific Time.

The new DeLorean Time Machine Series interactive digital collectible comes with hover conversion retractable wheels and the Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor. Additionally, the car is scalable 1:1.

The collection is released under license, from Universal Games and Games Platform as part of the Back to the Future Brand.

The collection is an Ultra-rare edition of 5,888 NFTs and has a list price of 80 gems (1 gem is equivalent to $1).

Back to the Future 2 NFT

Veve Digital Collectibles

The Veve app boasts a host of digital collectibles related to vintage and modern-day movie and comic brands. The collectible comics include a host of characters from both DC and Marvel comic books, whilst the movie collectibles include Disney NFTs, such as the Star Wars collections.

Moreover, there are digital movie posters from vintage James Bond and iconic Disney movies.


The Veve app. continues to grow in popularity through its continuing success at gaining the rights to mint NFTs for some of the most iconic movie franchises in cinematic history.

The upcoming DeLorean Time Machine NFT collection is Part of the Back to the Future II franchise. The chatter on the Veve app. Feed points to a lot of interest in NFTs.

If you are interested in collecting the latest drop or are a fan of any of the projects in their stable, you can download the app from the Google play store.


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