Meta Launches NFT Display for Facebook and Instagram Users

Meta launches NFT display options for United States Facebook users and global Instagram users after a successful May launch with selected users.

In April, while millions of people were still bandwagoning on the NFT hype train, Meta announced they would be one of the first companies to support NFTs natively on their platform. At the time, it was a bit of a gamble – would people actually want to use their social media accounts to display their NFTs?

Well, since the company has now announced that NFT display options are available to all US Facebook users and most people on Instagram, the answer seems yes.

Credit: Meta

NFT Display Options for Instagram and Facebook Users

In a new official announcement, Meta explained that all US-based Facebook and Instagram users would be able to connect their NFT wallets and display collectibles on their accounts. That includes the ability to cross-post NFTs just like visuals, posts, and stories.

Besides American users, people from additional 100 countries where NFTs are available on Instagram can also access the feature. Some regions in which the NFT feature is available include Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and North and South America.

The feature also gives users more details about their NFTs, like the title, creator, collection, and price. It allows the users to “flex” their NFTs and brag to their friends.

The Digital Collectible Indicator

Meta’s new integration also has support for several Blockchains on its platform. Some of the Blockchains Mark Zuckerberg’s company supports include Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow.

One interesting thing about the new feature is the “Digital Collectible” indicator, a visual signifier that the image displayed is a collectible item. It’s a hexagonal icon with a tick inside, which tells when you connect the information about the NFT with the app.

Once the NFT is posted, a new tab will be added to your account. And this tab allows other users to browse your NFT collection more easily and go through all your public NFTs. The indicator allows users to access all of their collectibles in one place.

Is the NFT Display Coming at a Good Time?

The art trade for the last year and a half belonged to NFTs. The digital art form took the world by storm, and even celebrities and brands were getting in on the action. Tens of millions of dollars were made from single sales, and the NFT market was booming.

However, the NFT market has begun to cool off in recent months. Prices have fallen, and the market has become more saturated. Some have even begun to question the future of NFTs. Is Meta’s new display option coming at a good time?

Despite the recent market dip, the core NFT community is still expanding and going strong. So, the new feature allows real NFT enthusiasts to connect and show off their collections.

It may even attract new users to the world of NFTs. So, even though the market may be cooling off, Meta’s new display could help keep the NFT fire burning.


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