META HISTORY has tokenized more than 400 works of Ukrainian and foreign artists to help Ukraine

Starting from the first day of the war, they illustrate its every significant event in order to convey the truth about Russian aggression to the world. The income from NFTs, amounting to more than $1 million, is directed to humanitarian aid and provision for the defenders of Ukraine. And the following artworks, which will replenish the NFT collection on October 7, will help to restore the cultural heritage damaged as a result of hostilities. Together with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, META HISTORY will return, as the basis of the nation’s cultural code, the iconic landmarks that the aggressor seeks to destroy. Capturing the events in artworks and preserving museums, architectural gems, historical buildings, while replenishing the “Warline” collection, are the project tasks until the last day of the war ― no matter how long it lasts. Through buying its NFTs on the website, everyone can help Ukraine to gain the victory.

“For more than 225 days, the Russian army has been striking to deprive us of our national symbols. At the same time, on the information front, the aggressor country distorts reality in order to hide or justify these crimes. That is why the META HISTORY project is important in two areas at once ― countering propaganda and preserving our identity represented by the best cultural objects. We believe that support for this mission will come from many countries in the form of purchasing the NFTs. And in the future, the collectible value of the “Warline” tokens will increase. Because they are a sign of participation in the victory and renaissance of Ukraine,” ― Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

The new “Warline” drop includes works in completely different artistic techniques: 3D, motion, sketching, book illustration, short meter, abstraction, works of artificial intelligence, combined with sound design. It gives collectors and benefactors the opportunities which are wider than usual, for choosing NFTs to their taste. The works are dedicated to the events that took place in Ukraine at the end of this year’s spring. Some of them are created by artists who have already distinguished themselves in previous drops of the collection ― Zahar Berkut, Yaroslav DRZK, Sveta Bilyk and others. In addition, the new famous names will appear among the authors of the 5th drop ― Venya Son, Kyrylo Lesnoy,

“We are grateful to absolutely everyone who contributed to the creation of a new part of the “Warline” ― regardless of popularity. All works deserve to be a reflection of the historical time for our country. We want the collectors and benefactors to look at this project in such way as it would be the history book forever remaining in the blockchain. And they can influence the future plot of this book ― by their actions. The same way as our project team tries to actively influence it. And the same way as artists make efforts for the victory of Ukraine ― by virtue of uniting and continuing to create under any conditions”, ― VK, founder of META HISTORY museum.


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