MixMob: Racer 1 Unveils Latest Alpha Release with Brand New Game Modes

MixMob has released the latest ‘Alpha V2’ version of its card battle racing game ‘MixMob:Racer 1’.

The latest version unleashes a smorgasbord of immersive features, including multiplayer mode, leaderboards and tournaments.

The Solana blockchain NFT game pits high-octane bot racing with card strategy and combat. Indeed, the retro racing feel to the game has been likened to the legendary Mario Kart.

Following the successful launch of Alpha V1 in April, Alpha V2 gives community members the opportunity to play and compete in the latest game build.

What is more, the new multiplayer feature of the game allows you to compete on the track against friends.

That’s right, unlike Alpha V1, which was limited to PvE gameplay, Alpha V2 invites you to engage in raucous multiplayer warfare.

New features in Alpha V2

The MixMob development team is an all-star cast, who boast games on their resume like FIFA, Halo, and Battlefield. They’ve been working tirelessly, preparing a host of new features for you to enjoy in the Alpha V2 game, and here they are:


As mentioned, you can now compete against friends in multiplayer mode. If multiplayer is selected, the player will be connected to an online server that contains active users, a match will be selected, and the game will begin!

This function will be limited to two sets of two-hour windows, weekly on Thursday and Friday. Single player will be available 24/7 throughout the duration of Alpha V2.

A New Greek-Themed Track 

Gamers now have a brand new environment to get stuck into, putting a modern, crypto twist on Greek mythology.

New Card Deck & Enhanced Cards

In addition to debuting a brand new card deck, players will also notice major card enhancements, including 3D projectiles to emphasize attack cards, speed boosts, new UI improvements to further define the Card systems at play, improved rebalance of Cards and Health system, as well as Pulse Pips. 

Alpha V2 also includes the first workable in-game draft of Targeting Systems and Action Logs.

Leaderboards & Prizes

Players can compete to get their name on the weekly leaderboards and earn fame and rewards. The top 25 players who win the most games that week will be featured on the PVP or PVE public leaderboard.

If two players win the same number of matches, the player who reached the most wins first will be featured first on the leaderboard.


Once a week, players can compete in tournaments and receive up to 75 SOL in rewards. Tournament winners will be announced two days after PVP arenas close and will be contacted via Discord.

New UI

The latest game build includes a number of new UI additions, including a mini map, improved Health and Shield bars, and supporting UI for Cards, among multiple UX enhancements to increase the usability and experience of the game. 

Referral System

Alpha V2 introduces a referral system where Gen0 Mask Holders can invite others to join. Rewards will be given to those who bring in the most players, thus creating a game within the game.

MixMob has also promised more treats for gamers, including Discord Quests, the discovery of a Secret Robotic interference, and new front-end art styles that match the MixMob Raiders.

How to participate

All Gen0 Mask NFT holders are eligible to participate in Alpha V2. A link will be shared out to Mask holders on September 20th, granting them access to the game that they can then share with their friends and community.

Once you have the link, you are invited to share it with others, increasing the player pool and escalating the competition.

For the latest news on Alpha V2 and more, follow MixMob on Twitter and join their Discord.


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