What are Utility NFTs? More Than Just Digital Art

Non-fungible tokens, more commonly known as NFTs, have dominated headlines of late. Yet, many are still scratching their heads, trying to comprehend the full spectrum of their capabilities. Surpassing the realms of digital art and collectibles, we introduce to you the concept of NFT utility – a realm that offers tangible benefits and further amplifies the intrinsic value of NFTs.

Understanding NFT Utility

Typically, NFTs are perceived as digital collectibles and virtual art pieces; blockchain-verified, unique digital assets. However, NFT utility introduces additional value. It represents any functionality or access granted to the owner, beyond the basic ownership of the NFT asset itself. It’s a step beyond owning, a step into the realm of using and experiencing.

Types of Utility in NFTs

Utility in NFTs can range from exclusive access to content, real-world rewards, to holding assets within the token like digital land pieces. Think of them as virtual keys, unlocking exclusive benefits.

Exclusive Access

Game-changing for creatives and fans alike, NFTs can provide access to hidden content, early releases, or private virtual events, bolstering the fan-creator relationship. With exclusive access, content creators can now engage directly with their fans providing unique, unforgettable, and limited experiences that add another value layer to NFTs. Early access provided to new content, private online events, or even the opportunity to collaborate directly with creators are all ways to enrich the ever-growing world of NFTs.

Real-World Rewards

Fusing digital with real-world benefits, imagine purchasing an NFT and acquiring a VIP concert ticket, a personal artwork, or a lifetime subscription to a favorite service. NFTs have recently gained the attention of innovative marketers that aim to capitalize on the kudos of digital ownership with real-life results. Utility NFTs can be combined with physical items or experiences, making them an attractive alternative to traditional collectibles. The traditional collectible market (think sports memorabilia or rare stamps) could soon see a significant shift in attitude as the allure of utility NFTs continues to grow.

In-built Assets

From virtual real estate in digital worlds to owning unique in-game assets, this form of utility NFT allows owners to stake their claim in virtual territories. Many digital worlds and online games employ their own virtual economies, where players can buy, sell, or trade virtual goods and services. NFTs broaden the scope of these virtual economies by allowing assets that have inherent value and utility to be bought, sold, or traded independently of the platform they were created on.

Examples of Utility NFTs

Looking at real-world examples, Kings of Leon ushered in a new era by offering their album as an NFT, which incorporated exclusive audio-visual art and ‘Golden Tickets’ – front-row seats at their concerts. The band managed not only to revolutionize the music industry by becoming pioneers in this new market but also to enhance the value of their NFTs by offering merchandise and tokenized concert experiences.

The metaverse game, Decentraland, offers virtual plots of land as NFTs, each a unique piece of the digital terrain for owners to interact with. Here we see that the value of owning these NFTs offers more than just a unique digital asset. The owners can interact with their land, create digital structures, charge others for advertising, or even rent out virtual real estate, giving a real sense of ownership and control that hasn’t been seen in the digital world.

The NBA Top Shot platform brings real-world rewards to their NFT collection, where fans can purchase exclusive highlights of basketball games. The platform adds a new layer of excitement to the NBA fandom by allowing collectors to trade and sell unique highlights while offering the opportunity to be rewarded with scarce packs and moments, access to exclusive events, and the chance to meet players.

Practical Applications of Utility NFTs

Utility NFTs carry potential for practical applications. For artists, it presents an avenue to provide their audience with unique physical or digital rewards. For example, street artist Banksy surprised art enthusiasts when he burned one of his original art pieces, only to release it as a NFT. This move not only created media hype, but it also increased the value of the digital piece.

For brands, it’s an innovative way to offer a unique customer experience. Luxury fashion house, Gucci, entered the NFT market with a fashion short film. By entering the NFT sphere, the brand gained increased exposure from both established fans and a new tech-savvy audience.

For gamers, it opens up possibilities for immersive gameplay through unique virtual possessions. The virtual world Axie Infinity allows users to collect, breed, and battle creatures called ‘Axies,’ each as distinctive NFTs that users can customize and upgrade. This presents a new level of digital connection and investment in the gaming world.

The Future of NFT Utility

The potential of utility NFTs stretches as far as the creative mind can go. Their value will continue to rise as they become integrated into various industries, from music to gaming to real estate. It’s a world where art becomes a doorway to immersive experience, and virtual assets carry tangible rewards.

The emergence of NFT utility will depend on experimentation, innovation, and adoption. As different industries begin to grasp the value of tokenizing their content, goods, or experiences, it’s highly likely that we’ll see a significant increase in utility NFTs over the coming years. The virtual landscape is ripe with untapped opportunities and potential collaborations with traditional industries, making the NFT utility market one to watch closely.


Understanding the utility of NFTs is understanding the future of digital ownership. It’s more than just purchasing a digital asset; it’s entering a realm of experiences and benefits. By probing into the world of NFT utility, we see not only the fascinating digital landscape of today but also a thrilling peek into the potential of tomorrow. With the inherent creativity and unlimited possibilities that the NFT space offers, both creators and consumers are set to benefit—ushering in a new era of digital innovation and experience.


  • Mia Patel

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