5 Out Of The Ordinary NFT Projects Worth Checking Out

I’m sure you’re all pretty acquainted with NFT projects and the perks they offer their investors. Since anything can be tokenized, the sky’s the limit and with the extreme success of crypto art, there are plenty of investors around. 

With the increase in popularity of NFTs comes an increase in variety. While browsing through the web, I stumbled upon a couple of interesting projects in the making that you guys might be able to make use of. 

1. Metacrafters

If you are a Web 2 developer interested in branching out into Web 3.0 development, Metacrafters might be a useful project for you. Using the Learn-To-Earn model, Metacrafters is an RP learning game that focuses on teaching people how to code in 3.0. 

The game is still in alpha so it is unclear what the in-game coding environment will look like but judging by its main page, you can tell the developers have an appreciation for aesthetics. 

Metacrafters offers courses for Solana, Ethereum, Flow, Avalanche and Polygon protocols, with more to come. Beginner courses are free, so all players need to do is register and start playing. 

When it comes to committing to a longer course with harder trials, users have a couple of access options. One is to purchase access with fiat or cryptocurrencies and if the course is completed in the allotted time frame, the player gets back 90% of the purchase price along with some rewards and a proof of learning NFT (with on-chain certification). 

If a client does not have the necessary funds to access a course, then the other option is to borrow a reusable course ticket NFT. This ticket provides access to a course for up to 9 times if the course is completed in the appropriate time frame. Any rewards for successfully completing a course via this option are shared with the person who loaned out their NFT ticket.

I’m sure this project will be successful if it gains credibility in the job market but it is the coding environment that I’m most excited to see. If the whole thing flops, the devs can always sell the courses in normal educational packages, including some instructional videos and examples.

2. Crypto Baristas

Moving on to something a little bit simpler but with far better prospects, Crypto Baristas is a set of NFTs that entitle owners to sales and deals at cafes opened by the company selling “Future Cafe” NFTs. The roadmap itself looks very promising, with targets like 10% off at all future cafe spaces, governance funding, 15% off when shopping at Coffeebros.com and 20% off all Crypto Baristas merch for Crypto Baristas owners. The perks improve with each Barista purchase, granting you better sales and other tasty rewards. 

One of my main worries is the limited number of associated cafes since I can’t seem to find a Future Cafe anywhere. But it seems these NFTs were created to actually fund the creation of these cafes, with the help of decentralized investing, sort of like a kickstarter without the middle man.

3. Farming Tales

This one’s one of my faves. Putting together two of my favourite things, NFTs and fresh produce, Farming Tales allows players to trade its in-game currency gained from completing weekly tasks and building farms, for real-life fruit and vegetables.

Unfortunately, we can’t be certain how the reward system will work as the feature has not yet been released. But the game does include a fully fleshed-out NFT marketplace and farming system, so despite some delays, I am expecting the team to deliver on its promises.

Although this is all hypothetical, I still think it’s worth mentioning that if this game does pull off an IRL reward system in the form of production, we’ll see many more projects like it in the future. Accomplishing a profitable and working produce delivery system on its own is a challenge, but incorporating fresh produce logistics seems like a long shot. I doubt this NFT will take off, but I would love to be proven wrong. 

4. Digital perfume

For a bit of comedic relief and to remind us just how abnormal the NFT market is, I’ve decided to include “Digital perfume” on the list, the world’s first and only “Cyber Eau de Toilet”. In short, a Berlin-based laboratory is using infrared spectroscopy to scan and graph the scent of the perfume and is then selling the molecular wavelengths as an NFT for $18,000.

Now while this does sound absurd, we have to accept the fact that this product sold for the asking price. Meaning, here is a market with potential buyers looking to spend their money on anything new. It could be a gimmick, a joke or even a destroyed product. Take for example the now burnt art piece titled “Morons” by famous street artist Banksy, which was purchased for $95,000, burnt, then resold as an NFT for $380,000. 

All the crypto community has to do now is release a presentable, slightly gimmicky and most importantly, practical product that might just hit the mainstream and influence the future of the market.

5. Admit One

If you’ve ever heard of Gmoney, then you might already know a thing or two about this NFT. For those who don’t know, Gmoney is a popular investor and NFT aficionado who spent 140 ETH on a CryptoPunk Avatar as a ‘flex’. The Puerto Rico based investor has partnered with the INFINFT fund, which focuses on investing in NFT projects. 

After putting CryptoPunks on Billboards all across Miami, Gmoney came to the conclusion that crypto culture would break into the mainstream and that companies based around NFTs would grow to be among the most influential. With this belief, he decided to gather other like-minded people together by selling 1,000 individual tickets to the crypto community. Some were given away to people who have been active in Gmoney’s community, some were reserved for partners/team members and some were for those Gmoney hand selected as likely to serve some value to the community.

So if you’re looking to network, learn about a particular niche or some obscure news, participate in key crypto events and give it a try! The floor price has dropped to 8 ETH and yet the value is still there. If it turns out the community is uninterested and idle, then check for any valuable information in the group chats and then resell your ticket on the Gmoney market.


As you have probably noticed, the NFT industry has been evolving quite rapidly of late, offering users cohesive and unique projects that they can benefit from. Aside from regular pieces of digital art, founding teams have been working to bring some truly gripping and unusual concepts to life. Embrace the efforts of developers and support the NFT movement to incentivize more one-of-a-kind projects to enter the space.  

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