The Hideaways Launches Presale for Luxury Real Estate NFTs

The Hideaways has launched its first presale for a collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, to be underpinned by luxury, physical real estate. 

Through the fractionalization of NFTs, The Hideaways NFT holders will own an NFT, which is tied to a tangible real estate asset. 

Hence, the value of the NFT won’t ever dip below the value of that real estate. 

Stage 1 of the presale is live now and investors can currently benefit from a 50% bonus in token allocation. 

Indeed, this ground-breaking NFT breaks down the barriers of traditional real estate investment, such as high capital start-up costs, slow burn returns, long completion times and expensive middle-men fees. 

Through NFT fractionalization, The Hideaways believes that NFTs can ignite a new wave of property investors, who can earn a passive income and make capital gains through their shares in the real estate.

Investment in overseas jurisdictions is becoming increasingly popular, with APAC investors investing significantly in the North American and EMEA markets.

That’s why The Hideaways is positioning itself, and its investors, to take full advantage of that growing trend through NFTs and the decentralised blockchain infrastructure. 

How do The Hideaways NFTs work?

Firstly, The Hideaways has an experienced team in place, who handle property sourcing and management of the properties.

Pre-sale investors will be given exclusive access to the first five portfolio properties. 

Each of these will have an additional 5 NFTs minted to accompany the property and investors will be given a share of each bonus NFT in proportion with their original ownership fraction.

Additionally, through The Hideaways’ trading platform, holders will be able to trade NFT shares with each other, meaning you could be invested in Asia one moment and Europe the next. 

Thus, those who are interested in the real estate market, and enjoy trading stocks, can onboard through The Hideaways platform and start trading real estate when the exchange goes live.

Club Hideaway and other perks

The Hideaways has also revealed its membership club, which gives access to monthly rewards, air drops, bonus NFTs, fee discounts and much more.

Those who are willing to make significant investments will reap the rewards and perks associated with Club Hideaway. 

In fact, VIP membership through Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers are linked to a minimum investment amount of $10,000 for Gold, $20,000 for Platinum and $50,000 for Diamond.

Finally, The Hideaways also announced that they will be fully utilising the blockchain infrastructure through the democratization of property investment.

To achieve this, the project will be opening up its investment strategy to a vote at each strategy meeting, where investors will have complete authority over the direction of the portfolio. 

For more information on this project, you can visit the website, or join its Twitter and Telegram channels. 


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