Mittaria Announces Web3 ‘SocialFi’ Animation Galaxy

Mittaria, a virtual galaxy for animation lovers, has announced its arrival in the global Web3 ecosystem.

The project is backed by the stunning animations of T&B Media Global and plans to build an entertainment hub for animation lovers.

Within this hub, a flourishing Web3 ecosystem will grow, built upon the foundation of happiness, for creative talents and animation enthusiasts.

Mittaria COO Watcharavit Rungsimavisrut said: “We believe that Web3 is the future which is why we created this SocialFi platform. We’ve created something tailor made for animation lovers.”

“We want to put the power back into the hands of the creators. A decentralized Web3 infrastructure will empower the community to co-create amazing content, like never be seen before”.


The era of SocialFi begins

SocialFi refers to Mittaria’s vision of creating a social platform, where the community can earn from their time and effort spent in the ecosystem.

A major focus of Mittaria’s work behind the scenes has been utilizing T&B Media Global’s impressive IP, which includes popular animations currently on Netflix like ‘FriendZSpace’.

Leveraging this exceptional animation IP, a series of NFT collections will be unveiled on the Ethereum blockchain, beginning with the Mittaria Genesis collection in October.

This collection will be followed by ‘Way to Gods’, which will integrate the IP from the animation series ‘Looking for Gods’.

Powered by breathtaking animation, Mittaria will bring together a global community of passionate, animation enthusiasts, in a safe space where they can collaborate, connect and own.

“Remember the feeling you get when you leave the cinema after a great movie, and you’re bursting with creative inspiration and want to share it with the world,” Rungsimavisrut added. “For example, you want to remix one of your songs, write a poem or make some art. These pain points haven’t been properly addressed in the Web arena yet, and we’re here to fix that via Web3 and digital assets, to connect those who are passionate about animation.”

The Mittaria story begins now

In terms of Mittaria’s Genesis NFT collection, expect an NFT packed with utility, access to real-life community events and VIP Discord channels, special NFT air drops and a whole lot more.

The Genesis drop will represent the beginning of the Mittaria story, both literally and figuratively.

As the lore goes, ‘Mitria’ was an entity born when the universe was created and is happiness personified.

Designed by leading animators and artists, Mitria will spread her love and joy to all Mittaria’s citizens, starting with the Genesis NFT collection.

Within the Mittaria galaxy, there will be four connecting continents – Emin, Oriel, Dova and Sirona – each representing happiness hormones present within all humans.

These continents will offer creative spaces, virtual events, and a social platform for animation lovers.

Moreover, Mittaria promises to facilitate connection and growth for its citizens within the animation industry.

A galaxy powered by NFTs

It’s safe to say, the launch of the Genesis collection will be something spectacular, and marks the beginning of a series of NFT releases.

In fact, four additional collections have been lined up for release, which will integrate T&B Media Global’s rich pool of irresistible animation IP.

T&B Media Global has an impressive resume, with Warner Brothers, Sony and Netflix all listed among its illustrious network.

Armed with world class animation IP, Mittaria will build a global SocialFi platform for animation lovers.

Then, the project will integrate with Translucia – Thailand’s largest, all-encompassing metaverse platform which is currently under development.

Translucia has already received $100 million in investment and has plans to build a global Web3 ecosystem, in which Mittaria will be one of its thriving galaxies.

According to Mittaria, a host of surprises and rewards await its early supporters.

For more information, join Mittaria’s Twitter, Discord and read its ‘Litepaper’ on the website.


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