Avatar Legends NFTs from Funko and Paramount Partnership

Paramount Global will release an NFT collection of their Avatar Legends franchise in partnership with pop culture lifestyle brand, Funko. The two-series digital collection comprises 625,000 NFTs.

The Avatar Legends Digital Pop NFT series is a digital representation of the Funko-created physical vinyl collectible series, for the animated franchise.

Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra are American animated TV series on the Nickelodeon cartoon channel. It has also evolved into a role-playing game.

Now it has gone one step further and become the Avatar Legends Universe NFT collection.

The Funko x Paramount partnership will use the WAX blockchain to distribute the digital pop NFTs. You can buy the Avatar legends NFT collection from the Droppp platform from the 9th of August onwards.

The announcement of the partnership between the Funko and Paramount team came when Funko tweeted on Friday.

Avatar legends NFT

The Paramount digital pop NFTs will showcase popular characters from the cartoon, such as Fire Nation Aang and Kuruk. 

You can buy the Funko Avatar Legends collection as a standard pack for $9.99 or a premium pack for $29.99. Each standard pack contains 5 Avatar Legends NFTs, whilst the premium pack contains 15.

All Funko avatar legends packs you purchase give a chance to obtain a rare funko digital pop. Those lucky enough to reveal rare funko digital pops, Legendary or Grail rarities, can redeem their token for a matching limited edition physical vinyl collectible. There are 999 Grail NFTs, which equates to a 0.16% chance.

Another way to get a physical Avatar Legends is to complete the Avatars Legends Royalty collection. You do this by collecting 1 of each Digital Pop, common, uncommon, rare, and epic.

If you complete the Royalty set or a rare or legendary digital pop, you will be issued a redemption token after 120 days. After receiving the token, you have 30 days to redeem it for the physical collectible.


Funko is well known for its limited-edition pop culture vinyl collectibles. However, it has now branched out to include digital collectibles known as Funko Digital Pop NFTs. The company has already partnered with other top entertainment companies to drop NFTs.

The most recent drop was the Jay and Silent Bob NFT collection. Previous partnerships include Bob Ross, Hanna Barbera x Funko, Scooby Doo x Funko and DC comics.

Each collection features Funko’s signature bobblehead figure and pop art style. The launch of the Avatar Legends NFTs adds to the growing Funko NFT universe.


Yet again, we see entertainment companies realize the worth of offering fans digital collectibles. Entertainment giant Paramount Global recognizes the future as digital. The Funko x Paramount partnership won’t be the last as more and more brands enter the NFT sphere. 


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