Lady Ape NFTs Listed On OpenSea After Selling 9,000 NFTs in Hours on STRMNFT Marketplace

Lady Ape Club (LAC), an NFT project with a group of female ape artwork, has listed part of its collection on OpenSea after successfully selling 9,000 NFTs within hours on the STRMNFT marketplace. While the crypto market is still below its recent hike levels, the LAC project was able to maintain users’ interest in the blockchain space.

On July 18, 2022, at 9:00 AM GST, the Lady Ape Club sale was opened on STRMNFT. The NFTs available for sale swiftly started to decrease as all users rushed to secure a Lady Ape. Afterward, a timed auction started for 90 specially designed LAC NFTs, which they also sold out the next day.

This demand for LAC NFTs, however, goes back to weeks before the sale commences. When STRMNFT opened the prebooking for LAC NFTs prior to the sale, many users requested to be given more time, which resulted in extending the prebooking deadline until July 16 — just two days before the sale.

The LAC collection comprises 10,000 uniquely illustrated ape artworks, which were created by the art team in TNC Group, one of UAE’s leading blockchain companies with many successful projects under its umbrella.

These 10,000 NFTs have been distributed as follows: 9,000 for sale and 90 for auction on STRMNFT, 700 for OpenSea, 100 for partner influencers, 100 for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) owners, and 10 for the LAC creators.

The continuous rush to buy NFTs demonstrated the need for capable, scalable blockchains to handle high-volume transactions, which is what the STRMNFT marketplace was able to deliver with its 300,000 TPS blockchain. STRMNFT is a new marketplace created by the blockchain company StreamCoin to propose a new outlook on how users can utilize their art as NFTs.

Moving forward, the LAC holders will benefit from more than just having unique ape NFTs. The LAC project is working on a collection of Baby Apes, where the LAC holders will have a higher chance of getting one. In addition, a special yacht party will be held in Dubai exclusively for the LAC holders.

With most of the LAC collection now in the hands of their new owners, interested users can get the Lady Ape NFTs on STRMNFT and OpenSea.

For more information and updates about the LAC NFT project, users can follow their official social media channels on:


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