Greatest Achievement of Meta Nebulas in Q2 2022 – Hottest SocialFi Project

Half of Q2 2022 has passed and Meta Nebulas has reached a different level of peak in 2022. It was difficult for the Meta Nebulas Team, however, it was worth it due to all the support and love received from the market. Meta Nebulas has ended Q2 2022 with a loud bang and more functions!

Within 6 months, we have successfully achieved more than 10,000 wallet holders for both IONZ and SOLARIX! This wouldn’t be achieved without the support and love from the users in Meta Nebulas!

Also, IONZ has been listed on CoinGecko! Now users can head to CoinGecko to find out more about IONZ price, supply, chart etc.

In addition, Meta Nebulas has sold out 5000 Level 1 NFTs in the Meta Nebulas NFT Marketplace. Now Level 1 NFT Holders can resell their Level 1 NFTs!

Other than that, Level 10 NFTs have been released in the Meta Nebulas NFT Marketplace! Now users can start their Level 10 journey and stand the chance to earn 100,000 SOLARIX upon completing Level 10 missions!

Meta Nebulas is now currently looking for partners and/or collaborations in order to achieve more in the future. Remember to contact us on Telegram Community if you’re interested!

Other than that, we are also organizing an airdrop soon! 500 IONZ to be given away! How to claim? Head to Meta Nebulas Discord now at: !

Here’s a teaser for all the Meta Nebulas supporters… Meta Nebulas 2.0 will be launched soon. Stay tuned!

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