Greatest Achievement of Meta Nebulas in Q1 2022

Q1 of 2022 has come to an end. However, Meta Nebulas has ended it with a bang. Let’s recap and see what has Meta Nebulas achieved in Q1 of 2022!

quarterly update

In April 2022, there’s more than 20 KOLs promoting Meta Nebulas on Instagram! We really appreciate the support and trust from the KOLs. With the promotion going on, we have also organized a Social Media Contest and the lucky winner with the most Likes is entitled to win up to 1000 USDT! With the exposure, we have acquired more than 3000 members in our ecosystem which is a huge step for us!


And yes, Meta Nebulas has reached the April Moon with IONZ at an all-time-high and SOLARIX at April-high, also with the highest trading volume!

Other than these, we have also organized our very first roadshow in Malaysia with our representing team in Asia. We are really grateful for the support from the love in Asia. So, it’s time for Meta Nebulas to reach the Moon!

Meta Nebulas achievements

Also, we have increased the IONZ and SOLARIX Liquidity Pool in Pancakeswap to ensure the price stability.

IONZ: 0x7268192a0e5882b21F13Fc857cF78299D8e3D75b

SOLARIX: 0xfdcE54744801c9Eb88D8445673Ad267F8d43a9eE

Meta Nebulas is now currently looking for partners and/or collaborations in order to achieve more in the future. Remember to contact us on Telegram Community if you’re interested!

Other than that, we are also organizing airdrop soon! 500 IONZ to be given away! How to claim? Head to Meta Nebulas Discord now at: !

More great news incoming! Stay tuned!

Let’s SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN with Meta Nebulas!

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