Live CGI Launches Web3 Live Streaming Studio ‘StreamMyScreen’

Live CGI has unveiled StreamMyScreen, a cloud-based studio platform for Web3 that facilitates the creator economy through fast, easy live streaming.

The product, priced at $9.99 per month, aims to bring content creators to the metaverse with its streamlined user interface built for Web3.

One of the main features of StreamMyScreen is MintMyStream, which gives creators the opportunity to mint their stream as an NFT.

In this feature, real-time moments clipped from a creator’s stream can be sold directly to their audience on the StreamMyScreen Storefront or Opensea Marketplace.

Consequently, creators can monetize their moments, while fans can savour their favourite streams.

“Web3 technology holds the key to empowering creators and gamers to ‘own their streams’ and create direct-to-fan relationships,” said Marc Rowley, co-founder and CEO of Live CGI.

“We’re solving the problem of how creators can directly monetize their streams with StreamMyScreen, a metaverse live streaming studio with the new MintMyScreen feature. This unique and easy-to-use feature allows creators of all kinds to make, mint, and sell NFTs of their own stream moments directly to their audience on the StreamMyScreen Storefront. We take the confusion and work out of the blockchain by bringing the metaverse to the masses.”

Creators can broadcast live streams on their favourite social platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo.

At such an affordable price, combined with the ability to mint NFTs, Live CGI believes its product is a stand-out investment for creators. 


In another interesting feature, StreamMyStream allows users to invite a friend to co-stream with them. The original host can decide if the guest is both visible and heard by the audience. Thus, a StreamMyScreen guest can be a full co-streamer or a commentator.

These simple, blockchain-enabled studio tools will serve to galvanize the creator economy, opening the doors to a new world of connection and monetization.

Rowley continued: “Until today, even the most successful gamers and creators have been limited in how they monetize their streams, especially in leveraging opportunities with blockchain technology.”

“With the introduction of StreamMyScreen and the MintMyStream feature, we change the game, liberating creators to unleash their full creativity and earning potential while offering a greater mix of options and functionality for consumers to engage with. We want creators to do more than just stream; we give everyone the ability to ‘Own Your Stream.’”

Live CGI boasts an Emmy-winning team of developers and creators, who specialize in gaming and live streaming.

Moreover, they have a wealth of experience in broadcast entertainment, B2B virtual production, Unreal Engine game development and live-streaming technology as they seek to revolutionise the Web3 space.

They provide MaaS (Metaverse as a Service) consumer products, a new category of blockchain-based software tools to enable live streaming, NFT minting and live ecommerce in the metaverse.

Additionally, Live CGI is a partner in Mempoverse, an emerging metaverse brand built on the Unreal Engine, where users can view live streamed events around the world with their avatar.

StreamMyScreen is available today at and offers accounts with 10 free streaming hours. Premium members are charged $9.99 per month for unlimited streaming hours plus additional features.


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