• In metaverse trends, the backbone of every competent NFT land and universe is an enormous technological company. 
  • Many existing social-fi aims to bring the virtual world to real life, bringing more connections and new users.
  • But most of them place a foundation block for passive income in virtual reality.
  • Various multi-metaverse are now being sold at very high prices, creating a negative feeling for newcomers to invest.
  • Your Earth DAO aspires to be a pioneer in deploying parallel reality-simulated metaverse applications for industrial-grade products.

Recently, technology has played a critical role in assisting companies in developing and capitalizing on new business models. Budgets and the investment process are undergoing strict scrutiny as the role of technology shifts. But right now, this new technology is ripe for evolution.

The enormous shift of technology towards the new term “Metaverse” (super universe) has become the most relevant discourse among various forums and news. Many big companies also pour tons of money into building their metaverse ecosystem investment as they anticipate the new digital era. Metaverse is considered the new future of the Internet with the ambition to bring virtual reality.


The Acent blockchain is the base layer of this new metaweb service called the Your Earth DAO. Your Earth DAO uses its dedicated Acent (Osiris) Web 3.0 browser with a “Steam” application management solution called DAPPX. DAPPX is designed to publish and develop businesses, run high-performance play-to-earn (P2E) applications, and combine Web 3.0 plus meta-web applications within a public meta-space.

The Acent ($ACE) is the base cryptocurrency in the Your Earth DAO that is a powerful tool for creating new jobs and economies, compensating users and creating shared tangible value on the platform.

This is Acent’s definition of a new web meta-services, simply coined as the “metaweb”.

YOUR EARTH DAO’s key features

  • Has a DAO feature enforced by a publicly verifiable blockchain;
  • Can render high-end graphical support features, allowing metasites and meta-application to be rendered and experienced with immersion;
  • Has a unique metaweb domain called an MRL – a web 3.0 browser-based product;
  • Can deploy 3D object-based websites;
  • Supports enticing real-time dynamic activity-based play-to-earn applications; and
  • Has strong governance and incentive sharing system implemented through the EDAO token.


Your Earth DAO (YED) is a new online service that operates on the Acent mainnet’s foundation layer and is meant to be the perfect form of an immersive gamified web. This life service platform employs the Acent (Osiris) Web 3.0 browser desktop application interface technology and is capable of in-house application publication, launching, and administration services via interaction with its DAPPX service.

As the next iteration of the internet, think of the metaverse as a futuristic digital ecosystem. When the metaverse has entirely evolved, people will be able to communicate, engage in work, and have fun in virtual spaces. New investment opportunities will be created, particularly in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), as significant technology businesses will adopt the idea and, in some cases, stake their entire business in it.


Immersion is described as realistic visuals assisted by, but not limited to, AR/VR technology with high-definition 4D environment rendering. It is also referred to as “gamification” in this paper.

Acent’s metaweb service is an immersive, gamified, decentralized new web fabric. Indeed, it would be the closest resemblance to Ready Player One’s underlying socio-infrastructure. It will augment the present 2D, rectangular Web 2.0 browser experience shown on the user interface. This decentralized gamified web would provide a more gamified visual experience.


✅ Trade land spot at any NFT marketplace for a profit (long-term investment);

✅ Pledge $ACE to gain an APR of 13% on the first year of pledging, 8% on the second year of pledging, and so on;

✅ Receive an equivalent EDAO token incentive for every $ACE value of the land;

✅ Pledge EDAO token to gain $ACE from the UBI pool and up to six years incentives from the Metaweb Incubation Fund;

✅ Mine digital electricity from Zero-point Energy Pylon (ZEP) NFT and other meta-resources from other Pylons;

✅ Trade EDAO and meta-resources such as ZEP’s digital electricity on Acent DEX;

✅ Governance rights;

✅ Rent out the land as the traffic builds; and

✅ So much more.

For more details and information about the benefits and privileges of being part of the metaweb, read the Acent Whitepaper 2.0.

Don’t forget to join the Acent community for further information about the upcoming YED land sale.

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