Tomorrowland Rides Wave of NFT Ticketing With New Collection Drop

Tomorrowland has released more information on the NFT collection it launched earlier this year. As per the announcement, the electronic music festival verified the new collection and what users can expect from this blockbuster drop.

The Belgian festival will introduce its second of three planned NFT Collection launches for 2022 on July 15th. Holders of this collection and the one the festival released in March will be well-positioned to receive the Medallion of Memoria, or the special token, the ultimate pay-off for collecting an NFT from all three collections of 2022.nft

Perhaps by no coincidence, the July collection is set to release during the Tomorrowland Belgium festival and will be entitled ‘The Reflection of Love’. Consisting of 6,500 collectibles all minted on Solana, the bear’s share will be available for purchase on Tomorrowland’s website. Around 1,500 NFTs will be on sale onsite at Tomorrowland Belgium for 3 SOL.

What can holders of one of these coveted NFTs or Medallions expect? A whole lot. Keepers of the Reflection of Love will be welcomed into the Tomorrowland community by receiving invitations to exclusive events, functions, and giveaways. You can view what’s been released to the community by navigating to the member’s club.

If you find yourself completing the Medallion of Memoria at the end of the year, you’ll have two options. You can keep your Medallion and become part of the exclusive Tomorrowland membership club. This option presents you with the significant perk of never waiting in line for a ticket sale again. Furthermore, you’ll continue to be included in exclusive community events, giveaways, and more.

The other option is to burn the Medallion for a free Full Madness pass in addition to having the opportunity to buy a Dreamville Upgrade plus tickets for friends but only once. Tomorrowland is riding the wave of the future by offering NFT tickets to this event and more going forward.

With NFT ticketing, artists and event organizers have the chance to establish stronger bonds with fans. These easy-to-retrieve digitized tickets also remove the burden of carrying your event ticket on your person thus helping you avoid losing your only entry into the venue. Contrary to QR codes and other digitized ticketing systems, NFT tickets are extremely hard to forge, steal or lose and can come with a plethora of memorabilia options.

NFTs allow for the tokenization of digital or real-world assets like art, photography, memorabilia, and more. Since they exist on a blockchain network, they serve as certifiable proof of ownership and authenticity. With this highly efficient ticketing method, you can track the transactions on a blockchain ledger, making where and when the ticket was bought and sold clearly visible. This also provides event organizers with more control over primary and secondary sales.

In addition to providing security against forged or stolen tickets and a more efficient ticketing system for event organizers and party throwers, NFT ticketing can reduce costs and offer faster production, present numerous revenue opportunities, and lowers the chances of lost or damaged tickets usually associated with paper tickets.


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