Cristiano Ronaldo Joins the Binance NFT Marketplace

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s best-known and most popular soccer players has started to hop aboard the NFT hype train. The football superstar has decided to make Binance NFTs.

When Professional Athletes Become Part of NFT Space

Like the Portuguese football player, many professional athletes have started to invest or be part of the NFTs and crypto craze. Officially, Cristiano Ronaldo closed a multi-year marketing agreement with Binance, a renowned crypto company. And part of the deal involves producing multiple collections of NFT exclusively on the Binance marketplace.

Ronaldo Binance Partnership: More Awareness and Opportunities 

Ronaldo highlighted that he is honored to partner up with Binance and give people an opportunity to experience the best moments of sports history. With this deal, it looks like the NFT marketplace is bound to garner more attraction and drive more growth.

Besides, there is more awareness among athletes like Ronaldo that NFTs revolve around blockchain-driven tokens that represent digital ownership of collectible items. In the official statement, Ronaldo also highlights that he values the relationship with his fans and wants to bring more heightened experience to the table through NFT platforms like Binance. 

The popularity of Ronaldo and NFT Binance Partnership 

It is no secret that Ronaldo has the most followers on Instagram with over 460 million followers. In the past, Cristiano Ronaldo has been awarded FIFA player of the year five times and has 770 scored goals throughout his professional soccer career. 

The 37-year-old iconic footballer wants to follow the tide of the NFT marketplace and intends to bring more value and joy to his fans. Zoomph, an analytics firm, shared that after the partnership news broke out – its Instagram and Twitter posts of Ronaldo saw up to 48 million impressions per hour.

In fact, the positive response and engagement from the fans reached an all-time high after the NFT partnership with the Binance marketplace. With this initiative from Ronaldo, a lot of people started to see NFTs in a positive light. In fact, contrary to naive misconception, NFTs are far from fraud or scam. It retains a real digital value for owners and paves the way for more opportunities to sell or buy other digital collectible items.

Expect More NFT Sponsorships and Partnerships

As of now, Binance is keeping the details of the deal under the wraps. Changpeng Zhao or CZ, the CEO of Binance, recently tweeted that the company supports high valued sponsorship deals and opportunities that boost its NFT marketplace. Whether it’s exclusive football-producing NFT collection or naming stadium rights, Binance marketplace continues to promote its NFT marketplace despite its declining crypto trajectory.

In line with Ronaldo’s partnership with Binance marketplace, there was another announcement of NFT sponsorship for “The Weeknd” for his upcoming music tour. This “Crypto-Powered” deal involved an NFT collection worth $2 million. Ultimately, it was used by the musician for humanitarian efforts and donated to the United Nations World Food Program. Like Cristiano Ronaldo, more and more celebrities and professional athletes now want to be part of the NFT marketplace. But the focus of major deals ties together with the Binance NFT platform.


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