The Crypto Powered World Tour With The Weeknd

Binance has announced on 2nd June 2022 that they will be the official sponsor for The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ tour. There will be exclusive NFTs, merchandise, and an enhanced experience for the fans through Web 3.0 technology integration.

We’ve all heard about celebrities creating or investing in NFTs, even endorsing them. From Snoop Dogg hosting virtual concerts to exclusive football NFTs, there’s been a lot of development. Now The Weeknd is set to take the Crypto world to the next level by integrating it into one of the grandest ventures of The Tour. 

After Hours Til Dawn Tour 

The After Hours Til Dawn Tour is the seventh concert tour of The Weeknd. It will promote his two recent albums: After Hours And Dawn FM. The concert will begin on 8th July 2022 and last until September 3rd, 2022. It will be an All-Stadium tour that will go from Toronto to Inglewood, covering Europe and North America. 

Doja Cat was going to be one of the opening acts in North America. However, her recent Tonsil surgery puts her out of commission for the time being. 

Meanwhile, The Weeknd with Binance sponsorship is fantastic news for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

The Weeknd’s Stance On Binance 

According to the Canadian singer and songwriter, Binance has always focused on building a sustainable community. It has worked to serve the people and include the masses as much as possible. The forward-thinking and the sight to the future have been a fantastic approach of the Binance Company.

The innovative edge and the focus on user experience have tweaked The Weeknd’s interest. According to The Weeknd, it makes ‘perfect sense’ for him to work with Binance.

Without explaining too much, the artist hinted that he couldn’t wait for the fans to experience the crypto within a creative avenue. This hints that there will be some enticing applications or rewards related to NFTs and more.

Meanwhile, Binance’s approach will also support the good cause, hinting at his XO Humanitarian Fund, which works with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). 

What To Expect From The Weeknd’s Crypto Tour?

If you consider the official Binance Announcement, they share some hints at an ‘enhanced fan experience.’ Binance will team up with HXOUSE to work with some exclusive NFTs for the tour. These NFTs will be available for the fans that buy the tickets.  

  • There will be virtual ticket stubs, which hint at the possibility of buying tickets virtually. It is unclear whether the tickets will be NFTs or if physical tickets will be available, as well. 
  • There will be co-branded merchandise available. Once again, it is slightly unclear whether these will be NFT merchandise or physical. Expecting the profit, we could assume there will be physical merchandise for sure.
  • Binance is working with The Weeknd to design exclusive NFTs, and 5% of the sales of these NFTs will go to XO Humanitarian.
  • As NFTs are about exclusivity and exploring creativity, we could receive NFTs designed by The Weeknd himself. 
  • Similarly, there could be virtual stories, video feeds, or other participation experiences imbued into the NFTs. This would explain how NFTs could enrich the fan experience. 
  • Binance will also donate $2 million to XO Humanitarian to mark the start of the Tour.
  • There could be commemorative NFTs and more for the fans.

As the tour is within a month of the announcement, there might not be pre-sales. Unless it works like ticket presales and hits the people suddenly to stir up the requirements.

The Impact Of The Partnership On The World 

This step of sponsorship and partnership could lead to a future of possibilities. We could expect non-interested people to get interested in the crypto world, NFTs, and more. There could be all-new traction for Binance and The Weeknd. The initiative could motivate non-NFT and non-crypto users to try something new. This will open a new frontier.

The crypto-powered tour also opens possibilities for future artists and tours. We might see other artists partnering with Binance, or other companies, even the cryptocurrencies, to take the Tour. This would be something remarkable. However, it will also prove that the crypto revolution is an integral part of Web 3.0, and so are the NFTs. It will put these assets in a new light, and we could see another uprise in the market. 

The Bottom Line 

We sure hope that the Binance and The Weeknd partnership bears more fruit than just being a publicity stunt. It wouldn’t be the best to just receive digital tickets and some NFTs as the merch or souvenirs of the concert. There needs to be some value-added, whether with exclusive services or more.

Hopefully, it won’t turn into something like Spiderman: No Way Home and other promotions where the NFTs initially turned into a useless bunch and were just a way to gain the public’s interest. 

Either way, we can hope for big things in the future if the tour is successful. There could be a new line of competition among the tours, crypto companies, and more to provide the best experience to the fans.


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