Geolocation And AR Apps Are Making A Breakthrough In Metaverse – Dogami, STEPN, Coin Hunt world.

Do you remember when Pokemon Go made a massive breakthrough in Android Apps and Games? It changes the face of the industry. The idea of a game using geolocation, real-world mapping, and augmented reality to provide an immersive experience was phenomenal.

Since 2015, we have received some prospects in terms of Play-To-Earn gaming models. There have been plenty of these. While not all of them are necessarily on the blockchain, we received some incentives. However, anyone would agree that to become part of the Metaverse, blockchain, and cryptocurrency plays a huge role. 

This brings us to the point of discussion – A new era of AR and Geolocation apps in the DeFi, GameFi world of Blockchain Gaming

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of These Projects 

Three successful projects are available in Metaverse that has combined Geolocation and Augmented Reality.


Dogami Geo

Dogami seems to follow Pokemon Go as inspiration very closely. It is also planning on establishing a ‘Metaverse’ in Metaverse. Metaverse is a part of Metaverse dedicated to pets and animals. Kind of like Animal Crossing. 

Dogami is working on providing users with virtual NFT Dogs at the puppy stage, which they will breed and raise. Dogs can have different professions, and so can the people. It will be the first-of-a-kind experience that uses Geolocation for daily activities and AR for people to interact with their digital companions. Furthermore, Dogami received $500,000 from the Tezo Foundation.

Dogami could also pave the way for other professions to become part of the Metaverse. For instance, fitness apps that blend AR and Geolocation technology. Something we have seen StepN do. 


Stepn app

On the other hand, we have a very successful Run-To-Earn app already surfacing in the Blockchain world. StepN also offers NFTs in the form of sneakers. Users can acquire these Sneakers with specific limits on what they can do with them.

StepN uses geolocation to turn the app into a lifestyle app. It allows users to walk, jog, or run daily to earn money by accomplishing daily milestones. Players can upgrade their sneakers, and get better rewards, as well.

StepN is quite a successful app so far on Blockchain. It is gradually growing. The ease of wallet connectivity and the built-in system make it worthwhile. This app could be the next app to shape how Nike and other companies could incentivize their users to use the app.

There are plenty of running and lifestyle apps on Web 2, Android, and iOS interfaces. 

Coin Hunt World

Find coins

Coin Hunt World is another Explore-To-Earn or Move-To-Earn app that combines Augmented Reality Technology. It looks pretty similar to Pokemon Go. In that, there are local maps of players that have hidden vaults and keys. Players can establish HQ, Vaults, and Auction Houses, just like Gym and other shops in Pokemon Go. 

The app has limited availability, but upon finding the vaults, players will require corresponding vault keys. Using a key and opening a vault, they can get rewards like Bitcoin, Ethereum, the native cryptocurrency, and other NFTs.

There are also cute companions, Cubbies, that are the primary NFTs. You collect resources to print or customize them.

Tales Of The Wild – The Next Big Thing

Upcoming project

Simultaneously, we have another project worth noting. Tales Of The Wild combines various aspects like AR, Geolocation, Run2Earn, Play2Earn, Read2Earn, Watch2Earn, Listen2Earn, and more. The long-term objective of the project is to provide a complete Web 3.0 experience in the Metaverse.

The developers are working on providing an enriched experience through different means of interaction. So much that their Discord server already has an active story going. The developers will transfer to the ‘Game’ once it is available. 

The Breakthrough In The Metaverse

The fact that Run2Earn is already becoming a prevalent technology in Metaverse, alongside AR, is phenomenal news. It means that we could see many other projects. We could even be looking at the VR interactivities soon partaking in the universe.

After all, Meta and Apple are working on creating VR and AR experiences for Web 3.0 and Metaverse. And from the looks of it, we can expect other high-tech companies to follow suit.

On the other hand, if projects like Tales Of The Wild become successful, we could be looking at a changed approach to the GameFi aspects and Web 3.0 experience in the next couple of years. We could be looking at projects that will offer incentives in more than one way, not just the Play-To-Earn, but many other incentives that would lead to lucrative wealth-building systems. 

The Bottom Line 

Augmented Reality is a potential that has been explored significantly less. Pokemon Go is the only known successful game. Big companies like Meta and Apple are focusing more on VR. If developers can learn to utilize AR for various experience-oriented approaches, the NFT projects and Metaverse game could grow exponentially. It is the need of the hour. 


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