$500k Capital For Tezos’ Top Play To Earn Petaverse ‘DOGAMÍ’ Courtesy Of The Tezos Foundation

DOGAMÍ is the leading play-to-earn game on the ever energy-efficient blockchain of Tezos.  The project secured huge backing from the Tezos Foundation, marking yet another significant milestone for the popular ‘Petaverse’ project.

DOGAMÍ: the world’s first Petaverse

Adopt, raise, and earn DOGA tokens!  DOGAMÍ anticipates a ‘Petaverse’ where players can raise and train their companions within the realms of the Tezos blockchain.  Players will be able to interact with their companions and those of other players within the virtual world.

DOGAMÍ has already successfully launched their DOGA token which enables players to access the ‘Petaverse’ as is used to pay for NFTs, accessories, and DOGAMÍ consumables within the ecosystem.  The token is essential for the anticipated widespread adoption of the game and player participation within it.

In fact, DOGAMÍ’s pet avatars are currently the hottest thing going on the Tezos blockchain and have surpassed 1.2 million XTZ (Tezos native token) in volume within the first few weeks of trading on OBJKT’s marketplace.  The project’s first NFT drop consisted of 800 dog avatars which sold out in just a few hours.  Simply put, it is the quickest and most popular project on the Tezos blockchain to date.

DOGAMÍ has also successfully raised approximately 6 million dollars through world-famous investors such as Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, XAnge Ventures.

Dogami and Tezos

DOGAMÍ and Tezos teaming up is absolutely crucial to the development of the project.  Importantly, by strengthening ties between the two teams the collaboration will allow for the expected mass adoption of DOGAMÍ which is already growing in traction.  The game also brings much-appreciated attention to the ever-expanding Tezos blockchain.

Roman Schnider the President of the Tezos Foundation Council has publicly sported his appreciation for the collaboration:

“We are proud to support the highly successful project which has repeatedly shown to be a truly trailblazing project from its inception. DOGAMÍ combines gaming and NFTs to create an engaging play-to-earn experience. It is a great entry point for gamers new to blockchain gaming to enter the Tezos community, and by doing so, to expand it”

WhileBilal El Alamy the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at DOGAMÍ was equally appreciative of the collaboration:

“We are thrilled to bring this kind of attention to the tezos ecosystem, it is well deserved. The Tezos Foundation has been a strong sponsor of the DOGAMÍ project since its inception! It felt natural to confirm their participation in our equity.”

So who are the Tezos Foundation?

The Tezos Foundation is a Swiss foundation and is behind a huge sum of capital supporting the DOGAMÍ project to the sum of $500k.  They are supervised by the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority which is part of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs.  The Tezos Foundation is responsible for the promotion and development of new technologies and applications for use on the Tezos protocol.

Visit https://tezos.foundation for more information.


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