TID hNFT Research Institute Launches World’s First Historical NFT Project

TID Historical NFT (hNFT) Research Institute has launched its ground-breaking project, unleashing 12 historical ‘Hominins’ on Opensea.

The captivating collection, by world-renowned evolutionary artist John Gurche, features 12 reconstructions of ape-like and more modern hominins.

Each unique Hominin, on sale for 0.38ETH, is handmade and equal in rarity.

Such is the supreme craftsmanship and painstaking detail, 8 of the Hominins are permanently exhibited in the Smithsonian Institution’s Hall of Human Origins.

Currently, artist John Gurche is an artist-in-residence at the Cornell University-affiliated Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, New York.

This collection begins a series of six NFT drops by TID hNFT, which aim to deliver the joy and inspiration derived from history to web3.

Each collection is designed to ignite the passion within online and offline collectors, who value educational art, history and culture.

TID hNFT is working with a host of university experts and worldwide legacy artists.

Together, their collective goal is to publish history on the blockchain through NFTs.

For the experts involved with the project, TID hNFTs are an exciting new communication tool; for artists, they are a new way to engage with history.

TID’s utility plan for hNFT blends digital and real-life rewards.

For the collector who mints any hNFT from one of the season’s six collections, they will receive a hardcover 2022/3 anthology of ‘The Future of the Past’ (hNFT edition).

Those who mint eight hNFTs will receive a Global Museum Pass, which grants one year’s free access to over 100 of the world’s top museums.

The collector who mints 24 hNFTs will be rewarded with a 33×33 inch state-of-the-art digital Tokenframe, which can be utilized to display NFTs at home, the office or even at bespoke events.

TID envisions its hNFT collections as the starting point of an ever-expanding encyclopedia of digital art on the blockchain.

According to TID, discussions are already underway with major historical institutions to collaborate on their first hNFT collections.

One discussion involves a historical research and preservation project, where hNFT buyers would directly contribute to the project’s completion.

Finally, TID will donate 3% of all hNFT sales to organizations dedicated to historical accuracy, research and preservation.

For each of the three organizations, 1% will be attributed to: FactCheck.org, The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the American Historical Association.

Also primed for launch are the five subsequent collections ‘ICONS’ on August 24th, ‘LIES’ on October 24th, ‘MYTHOS’ on December 24th, ‘SERIAL’ on February 24th (2023) and finally ‘LOST HEROINES’ on April 24th (2023).

You can witness this absorbing collection on Opensea now and visit the TID hNFT website at https://www.tidhnft.com/hominins.


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