‘If Matejkowas was with us today, he could monetize his work on our platform’ #Mateico – new multifunctional NFT project on the Polish market

A month before the 184th birthday anniversary of Jan Matejko, an international NFT platform of Polish origin #Mateico debuts. Mateico aims at connecting the world of conservative artists and modern technologies. The project will offer its own marketplace, an original digital art gallery and a VR Park in Warsaw. Its operations are based on environmentally friendly XinFin ($XDC) technology.

Mateico.io is an international NFT platform that will allow both traditional and digital artists to monetize their works. We want to inspire not only NFT fanatics with a passion for technology – we believe that if Jan Matejko was with us today, he could easily monetize his work on our platform, says Lukasz Danielewski, founder and CEO of Mateico.

The solutions that the platform will offer include an art gallery, which, in addition to the ability to exhibit artists works, will give account holders a new way of communicating with their fans and grant creators innovative tools such as an NFT marketplace, metaverse, store with its own merch or AR application. Mateico will allow to deepen knowledge in the field of new technologies, among other things, through access to digital space in a unique VR Park in the Polish capital. The purpose of the project is also to carry out charitable activities by helping orphanages, young artists, and startups that want to develop with the use of modern technologies. 

Mateico is based on XinFin network technology, whose main features include low transaction fees and, most importantly, minimal environmental exposure. The $XDC network architecture combines the best elements of the public Ethereum blockchain and the private Quorum blockchain, which provide a high level of security and freedom in the financial space and the integral ability to own digital property rights.

Mateico’s team is made up of specialists in blockchain and new technologies. The founder, Lukasz Danielewski, has been an expert on the cryptographic market since 2011 and an artist who decided to combine his knowledge and passion and introduce his fellow art colleagues to an added technological value. Michal Andrzejuk has 14 years of experience in the IT sector and is the COO of the company, whereas Rafal Kielbus is the Chief Blockchain Officer, who is also a member of the Polish Bitcoin Association and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce of Blockchain and New Technologies. Tomasz Czarnecki (Chief Information Security Officer) is responsible for the security of the project.

The platform’s utility token and Vesting passed audits for design evaluation, manual analysis of smart contracts, unit testing, and automated testing of Mythril, Oyente, Manticore, and Solgraf, which confirmed the absence of any issues of medium or high severity.

For more information, visit https://mateico.io and #Mateico social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram).

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