APENFT Launches Collaboration with Vanity Fair and Valuart

Four Vanity Fair NFT Covers by APENFT and Valuart have surged to success at the conclusion of the auction on May 30th, on the APENFT marketplace

The four 1:1 NFTs, curated by Valuart and Vanity Fair, were all sold for between $24-$27,000 after starting at roughly $120.

The lucky owners of these NFT art collectibles will enjoy a range of benefits comprising a Vanity Fair physical magazine and annual subscription, a regular edition of the Genesis NFT badge from APENFT, TRX token airdrops and an invitation to all APENFT’s offline VIP events and exhibitions in 2022. 

In executing this collaboration, APENFT has stayed true to its mission of facilitating the creator economy and integrating the virtual and real worlds seamlessly. 

Additionally, there is a fifth Vanity Fair NFT Cover up for sale now, which was created by Valuart to commemorate the founder of the TRON blockchain, Justin Sun.

‘H.E. Justin Sun 2022’ celebrates the exceptional work of the entrepreneur and owner of Rainberry, inc. (formerly BitTorrent) in 2022.

In total, 1,000 H.E. Justin Sun 2022 NFTs have been minted on the TRON blockchain, which are all available at a fixed price of 999 TRX ($80) on the APENFT marketplace. 

The artwork is a stylized portrait of Justin Sun and has been labeled “an ideal symbol of the crypto movement revolutionizing the art and entertainment world”.

The collaboration between APENFT, Valuart, and Vanity Fair marks a crossover moment between art, entertainment, and the crypto industry. 

The four resonant works of art are entitled ‘Say The Words That I Can’t Say’ by The Isolationist, ‘The Plum Thief’ by Coup of Grace, ‘Ludwig’ by Von Doyl, and ‘Ratty Portrait’ by Matteo Ingrao.

Ludwig, reimagining the famous original portrait of Beethoven, was the top seller with a resounding 322,888 WTRX ($26,476). 

Say The Words That I Can’t Say, representing the value of art to express what cannot be put into words, received a top bid of 310,000 WTRX ($25,420).

Similarly, The Plum Thief, a visual journey of an ordinary yet absurd scene in a coffee shop, was sold for 310,000 WTRX ($25,420).

Meanwhile, Ratty Portrait, a unique examination of reinventing the physical characteristics of the human body to achieve one’s self-acceptance, is closely followed with 299,999 WTRX ($24,599) respectively.

APENFT was officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, and is backed by the underlying technology of the TRON blockchain, founded by Justin Sun.

As the world’s first ‘NFT Art Foundation’, APENFT specialize in facilitating crossover purchases, merging the worlds of fine art and Web3. This is the latest in a string of partnerships.


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