Lacoste NFT collection gives physical and experiential benefits

The famous crocodile motif brand dipped another toe into the digital space with the launch of the first Lacoste NFT collection on June 14th. The team entitled the project, UNDW3. Their intention is to get Web3 pioneers to link up with the fashion brand on a voyage to experience collaborative fashion in a new interactive and co-creative virtual community.

Since the first drop, NFT collectors have gobbled them up with all Lacoste NFTs sold out and a total trading volume of $1.79 million. Additionally, their DAO has over 8570 members and more than 80,000 members on their Discord server.

Lacoste NFTs

The Lacoste collection consists of 11,212 crocodile NFTs emerging out of water. The company chose this amount in honor of the founder of the company, the French tennis player René Lacoste. Rene produced the first Lacoste polo shirt in 1933. The so-named l1212 polo shirt had the code L1212 which denoted the original materials, etc.

Collectors of the Lacoste NFT collection expect exclusive access to personalized physical and digital products. Moreover, as part of the Lacoste experience owners may have a say in the design of future products.

Lacoste wants to forge a long-term collaborative community with their first UNDW3 NFT and future NFT releases.

Courtesy UNDW3 website

A Co-creative Universe on UNDW3

The brand sees how other fashion brands are embracing the phenomenon of decentralization driven by web3. Part of their strategy is to create “communities and connect cultures around the crocodile brand.”

In a press release, Catherine Spindler, Chief Brand Officer at Lacoste is proposing “an experiential, interactive and co-creative universe, in the image of Lacoste’s creativity and avant-gardism.”

The UNDW3 NFT drop follows up on Lacoste’s first venture into Web3, with a Minecraft partnership, that saw a Lacoste-inspired island ‘Croco Island’ added to Minecraft.

Furthermore, Lacoste opened their Discord server, where the NFT collectors can keep abreast of developments, as part of their efforts to diversify into the digital world.

Where to buy the Brand’s NFTs

Now that the NFT collection is sold out you can get them on the secondary market on OpenSea.

How much are the brand’s NFTs?

At the time of writing the floor price, was 0.224 ETH


Any would have thought with the current state of the market that now was not the time to drop their NFT collection. However, the volume over the last 7 days bears witness to the fact that big brand names can still get all attention they want.

According to the press release this is only the start of a “pioneering ecosystem’ and Lacoste Universe.

Finally, there are further NFT releases expected later in the year which will allow for privileged access to their UNDW3 experience. If you like the idea of physical/digital items check out this collection of bean bags.


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