The World’s First Collection of Digital and Phygital Bean Bag Furniture by BO.VK and Dissrup

Belongings: An Inflatable Adventure Re-imagined

Dissrup reunites with 3D artist BO.VK to reconfigure, Belongings, their collaborative artwork, into a metaverse-compatible interiors collection.

Consisting of three digital bean bags (releasing as a collection of accessibly-priced digital collectibles); an edition of five phygital bean bag replicas; and an NFT artwork (Belongings II), Dissrup’s second drop introduces users to the limitless possibilities of interior design in the metaverse.

The World’s First Phygital Bean Bag

The statement piece of the collection, the Posterum, is a giant silver bean bag designed as an amorphous alternative to conventional high-end seating.

Featuring limb-like tendrils, and a bulbous central body, the phygital Posterum bean bag is a squishy centerpiece for the modern living room.

Each of the five Posterum bean bags include both the physical and digital collectible.

Phygital beanbags
The phygital Posterum bean bag, available in an edition of five pieces.

Using the Collection: Furnishing Digital Worlds

Each of the three digital collectible bean bags includes the original 3D .obj and .CLO files, which can be utilised in many different contexts. Possible applications include:

• Use in the Sansar world editor, where casual and advanced users can incorporate their Belongings beanbags into their open world VR experiences.

• Incorporation of Belongings bean bags into arch-vis projects — photo-realistic renderings of interior spaces created using software such as Cinema 4D, Maya and Blender.

• Use of the collectibles as game development 3D assets, added into amateur and professional projects, using software such as Unreal engine to build playable video game worlds.

The phygital Posterum bean bag, available in an edition of five pieces.

Dissrup has worked with Rf.C Art, the owners of the original Belongings artwork, to build an interactive digital gallery space, in which the full collection will be exhibited as a virtual reality experience that users can explore in real time.

Collectors and users can visit the Rf.C Belongings Gallery in Sansar, using either a standard desktop PC, or virtual reality equipment for an immersive digital experience.

Dissrup  Belongings gallery
The Belongings Gallery, created in collaboration with Rf.C Art.

The full Belongings collection is available now on

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