Decentraland DAO Votes “Yes” for $1 million Decentral Games Grant

Decentral Games has been given a $1 million grant in $MANA from the Decentraland DAO to help support its native $ICE token.

The proposal was passed with a 59% majority vote and means Decentral Games can proceed with their much-anticipated sit-and-go poker tournament mode.

The grant constitutes one of the largest ecosystem grants that the Decentraland DAO has ever awarded. The beneficiary, Decentral Games, owns 1007 plots of land within Decentraland and accounts for 60% of all traffic within the Decentraland metaverse.

Matthew Howells-Barby, CMO of Decentral Games said:The passing of this proposal shows the support we have from the Decentraland community and how important Decentral Games has become as a major contributor to daily active users.”

“These incentives will enable us to create further stability to our ecosystem ahead of rolling out our new sit-and-go poker tournament mode that we believe will bring a whole new experience to our Decentraland venues and will help us to onboard thousands of new users to the nascent metaverse.

Decentral games Growth

Decentral Games casino has experienced significant growth since launching ‘ICE Poker’ in the fall of 2021 and currently attracts 8,000 + daily active players to their 12 live Decentraland venues.

With the $1 million grant, Decentral Games has promised to ramp up the development of their sit-and-go tournaments with a view to attracting the next wave of users into Decentraland.

In the proposal, which was fiercely debated by the community, Decentral Games said that the grant would constitute “temporary support” over a three-month period.

Miles Anthony, CEO @ Decentral Games said:

“This MANA allocation is a stepping stone to assist in boosting our in-game economy as we prepare to launch ICE Poker Sit-n-Go tournaments, along with other key initiatives that drive organic demand and utility for ICE and solidify our ecosystem’s long term sustainability.”

“With the support of the Decentraland team and community, we look forward to onboarding the next million users into Decentraland and the nascent metaverse.

Decentral Games attracts over 40,000 weekly visitors across all their venues.

The popular Decentral Games experience ‘ICE Poker’ is a free play-and-earn poker game that gives players economic freedom through self-custody and delegation of wearables.

In addition to poker, Decentral Games hosts various immersive experiences like live music, artist showcases, NFT drop parties and comedy shows.

The passing of the proposal was a show of faith from the Decentraland community and showcased the power of decentralized governance in all its glory.


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