The Metapreneurs NFT Collection for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to make it big as an entrepreneur in the Metaverse? Maybe, you have a nascent plan but don’t have the inside knowledge or connections? Well, grabbing a metapreneurs NFT may just be your key to opening doors.

What are Metapreneurs?

The Metapreneurs is an NFT collection kept as ERC 721 (explainer below) on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of a collection of 11,111 unique NFTs with over 600 hand drawn traits. The non-generative assets (drawn by humans, not generated by a computer program) gift you access to a digital virtual world or metaverse with an elite community of successful entrepreneurs and influencers.

The Metapreneurs sale sold out soon after launching in January with $6 million in sales.

Co-founder & CMO of The Metapreneurs, Jad Al Fakhani, stated at the time, that it is “the biggest sold-out project in Lebanon. The 3rd biggest sold-out project in the Middle East. And on the top 100 charts on Opensea worldwide.”

As of writing, there are over 5620 owners of Metapreneurs with a lifetime volume of over 770 ETH. The current floor price is 0.07 ETH, although the last seven days have seen a slowdown.

Metapreneurs Mission

The team aims to work collectively to help holders with business ventures and instil an entrepreneurial mindset. The idea is that having access to an elite club with private masterminds will give owners many advantages and a leg up to success in the Nft ecosystem and beyond.

They state.

“Metapreneurs is not just an NFT collection, it’s a launchpad for our holders to learn and connect with the right people at the right time. Owning Metapreneurs NFTs provides membership to an exclusive international network of entrepreneurial-minded people.”

All to occur in a newly created Metapreneur metaverse, known as ‘The Winners Club’. Metapreneur owners include Snoop Dogg and Nick Austin.

The winners club

The NFT project incorporates the ‘Winners Club’ which contains the whole metapreneurs metaverse. This can be regarded as a flagship milestone for the NFT project.

Here the mission is to bring together budding entrepreneurs with their network of business people experienced in the Crypto, Web3, the NFT ecosystem, real estate and more. Additionally, there will be courses from elite entrepreneurs in these fields. Metapreneurs courses will make available resources including multimedia content from entrepreneurs in the network.

Metapreneurs utility

Some of the goals set out in the Metapreneurs roadmap have already been accomplished including a Metaverse purchase of LAND on Decentraland for a headquarters. Here community members can vote on updates in the Metapreneurs metaverse. The

The Roadmap

  • Each month the community will hold an ‘Accelerator’ where Metapreneurs holders can pitch their ideas, projects, and e-commerce to a heady group of investors connected to the project. Moreover, a community wallet fund will be made available for the best projects within the community.
  • After that, an exclusive Metapreneurs Web3 platform, solely accessible by holders of metapreneur NFTs. On the platform, you will be able to use top-shelf resources and tools to help your business grow. This includes resources related to crypto, blockchain, NFTs, e-commerce and more.
  • Next up, you can merge your Metapreneur NFTs to increase their value and create rare NFTs.
  • Now, at the halfway mark of the published Roadmap, the Metafather will present holders with the ‘Formula’. Once the owner introduces the Formula to the metapreneur NFT. This unlocks a 3D version that the owner can use in the Metapreneurs metaverse as their virtual identity.

At this point, they intend to donate $50,000 to an educational charity and to add a merch shop to the Metapreneur Web3 platform. Here, you can get 3D figurines of your NFT. Only, holders of the digital asset can access the platform.

More perks

Owning one of these unique digital assets gives further utilities, including access to exclusive parties in major cities, and the chance to stake your digital assets to generate $TOKEN. With $TOKENs, owners can add traits designed in conjunction with artists to their Metapreneur NFT.

Furthermore, Metapreneurs’ roadmap includes access to an exclusive Mastermind in the entrepreneur’s paradise of Bali.

About ERC 721

ERC 721 is an open standard that describes how to build Non-Fungible tokens on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchains. It is the NFT interoperability standard.

To create ERC 721 tokens you need to get access to the Ethereum blockchain. Get your crypto API for instant access to 40+ blockchain networks including Ethereum. A free plan for crypto nodes and block explorers is available on NOWNodes.

The ERC 721 tokens combined with a blockchain offer proof of authenticity. The Metapreneurs NFTs authentication adds value and protects intellectual property rights.


Metapreneurs may be a novel NFT project. However, this collection of 11,111 collectibles packs a load of utilities. That combined with the chance to form business networks, and connect with investors and consumers could make this a winner.

You can visit the Metapreneurs website or social media via Twitter.


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