Nike NFT With RTFKT – CryptoKicks Digital Sneakers

In December 2021, Nike announced its acquisition of the digital NFT creation company known as RTFKT. Then in April 2022, we received our first launch of the sneaker NFT from Nike, known as the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks.

Let’s dig deeper to learn more about these virtual sneakers and how Nike and RTFKT can revolutionize the NFT collection world in the coming year:

Does Nike Have An NFT? – Nike Cryptokicks And Skin Vials

RTFKT released a trailer at first that showed us the RTFKT X Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks as the premium choice in Metaverse. These virtual sneaker NFTs came with Skin Vials. The Skin Vials allow users to customize the virtual sneaker NFTs according to their preference. It allowed them to change the color theme of the Nike Cryptokicks.

What Do You Need To Claim Nike CryptoKicks?

  • You needed RTFKT’s MNLTH Ethereum NFTs.
  • You could get free Airdrops for the MNLTH Ethereum NFT if you held the CloneX NFT from the same company. If you owned any other NFTs from the company, you were still eligible.
  • Once you receive the AirDrop, you must solve the Puzzle and Quests. These will unlock an NFT Vault for the users.
  • Upon unlocking, each user received a pair of Nike Cryptokicks with a skin vial and another MNLTH Vault.

The second MNLTH Vault will be available to the holders later this year to solve a series of quests. These quests could potentially unlock the evolution of the digital sneakers from Nike. If that happens, we can witness a revolution in the NFT world. It could surpass other options like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

What Is An NFT Sneaker?

NFT Sneakers are digital sneakers that are available on the blockchain. Earlier, we could have RTFKT also launching these digital shoes. StockX is another company known for selling digital sneaker NFTs. However, Nike has already sued them for complete ownership of the virtual sneaker NFTs.

Nike’s first generation of customizable sneakers come with the iconic swoosh of the brand and appealing design. The animation and premium-grade skins have turned it into a fashion statement for the digital world.

How Much Do The Nike Dunk Genesis NFT Sneakers Cost?

Nike CryptoKicks was launched with the RTFKT, and there wasn’t any initial pricing. You can see in the secondary markets like OpenSea that Nike’s first generation NFTs are selling for 1 ETH to 3 ETH. Some are going as high as 5 ETH. With their popularity, NIKE CryptoKicks have also managed to sell for over six figures.

Nike and RTFKT have been proving that their partnership can be a valuable endeavor since last year in December. We can expect better style and more designers joining the fray to release the ‘evolve’ vitiation of these digital shoes.

How Do I Buy Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks?

If you want to acquire your NFT sneakers, you will have to visit the secondary marketplace. You can also keep track of the RTFKT Team to feature new releases or provide news on the shop or other collections.

As stated, their MNLTH Vault 2 will have an evolution stage for Nike Cryptokicks. This could also mean that RTFKT is working on some massive changes in the style of NFTs.

The Future For The Digital Sneakers With Nike And RTFKT

The Skin Vial tech makes the ‘Nike By You’ initiative turn into reality. Users can customize their sneakers and produce exclusive and unique designs. There are 20,000 cryptokicks in total.

RTFKT has also launched the skins collection with EVO X. These are the Clone X skins for the digital shoes and dunks you will have.

The Evolution Of Nike CryptoKicks

The evolution of Nike Cryptokicks will bring a lot to the table. These include some form of Drip Upgrades. and special powers.

You will be able to use them in the vast infrastructure of the metaverse. Thus, the users can show them off to others in almost any setting or in different games in the Metaverse.

There has also been a notable action from Nike regarding the future of digital fashion. The news about them filing a lawsuit against StockX came with a hint to real-world exchange. What does that mean?

Nike hinted that StockX doesn’t provide any actual world exchange for the sneaker NFTs users will hold from them. If this is what they are arguing with, we can expect Nike’s first attempt to bring NFTs with RTFKT that you can trade for real-life pair of sneakers. However, this is just speculation.

The Bottom Line

Many prominent visionaries from Nike and RFTKT like Benoit Pagotto, Chris Le, and Steven Vasilev are working on offering Nike to the digital world. They understand the value the blockchain industry adds, and the VR or AR integrations could prove to be the next-level additions for designers worldwide. So, Nike will own this style with their pair of sneakers. We can expect many more similar brandings from Nike and other viral brands


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