Monkey Legend NFTs for P2E mechanics in Kingdom Metaverse

Monkey Kingdom is the most popular Asian NFT project today and is growing more and more in traction. The project launched in November 2021 on the Solana network is now a crucial element for The Kingdom’s metaverse, which goes live in Q4 of 2022.

Monkey Legends, the NFT collection by the Monkey Kingdom, is so important to The Kingdom’s metaverse and ecosystem. 

It will power the game’s play-to-earn mechanics. Any holder of a Monkey Legend NFT will also receive special access to quests within the metaverse which will act as a gateway to acquiring rare in-game items. 

Holders can then use these items to create exclusive sets which can hold more rarity. Holders can even use these sets to access exclusive, virtual events within The Kingdom or use them for artist meet and greets, to name a couple of uses. 

Within The Kingdom, it is also possible to stake your NFTs and earn $DIAMOND, the native token. The token is used for all in-game purchases and used for rewards paid out to players.  

Players within the metaverse will be able to earn $DIAMOND tokens if they own land and then stake their acquired NFTs to accrue $DIAMOND tokens or other such rewards such as items, housing upgrades or in-game NFTs. There is also a special ‘party’ staking system where staking more than one NFT grants bonuses and ‘party’ boosts.

Whitelist and Airdrops

Any user who holds two or more Monkey Legends NFTs are guaranteed to receive a whitelist spot for The Kingdom’s initial land offering which is set to take place in Q3 this year.

Not only this, but by holding Monkey Legends NFTs, you can also gain exclusive access to a free ‘Kingdom Crib’ that will distribute to holders via an airdrop. 

The Kingdom Crib is a house within the metaverse. It will be built on the acquired land which will provide numerous perks and play-to-earn opportunities. Well, think of owning a Kingdom Crib as the base for earning that $DIAMOND token within the game’s play-to-earn mechanics.  

The game’s first accessible zone on launch will be named ‘Miraijuku’. The zone gains inspiration from the hustle and bustle of huge Asian metropolises and will also feature futuristic and otherworldly aspects giving the world a dystopian vibe. Miraijuku will act as the games culture hub where fashion meets the future.  

All Monkey Legend NFT holders will also gain exclusive access to the game’s first zone. So, that is another reason to get the Monkey purchases in before Q3 and get on that whitelist!

Projects’ Socials

Monkey Kingdom has already gained the backing from a long list of prominent celebrities, including Steve Aoki, Edison Chen, JJ Lin, Eric Chou, Sunny Wang, Ian Chan (from Hong Kong-based boyband Mirror), and Verbal (founder of prominent fashion brand AMBUSH).

But if you want to know more about the project’s mission, then here is the link to their website:

And, if you’d like to know more about The Kingdom’s open-world and interoperable metaverse then here are their socials:


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