Solana’s MonkeyLeague Now on OpenSea

Albeit in BETA mode, this is a HUGE step for Solana’s, MonkeyLeague, their premium play to earn NFT game. The game NFTs that have been completely blowing up the Solana ecosystem is now available on the world-leading NFT marketplace and at a fraction of the cost in gas fees! Why?  

Well, that is down to the fact that transactions will continue on the Solana blockchain rather than the Ethereum blockchain. This means significantly lower gas fees coupled with faster transaction speeds.

OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace today. So, the fact, that they decided to list Monkey League as part of their NFT collection whilst integrating Solana is a testament to the quality of the project, ecosystem, and blockchain. It also represents a huge milestone for MonkeyLeague which could potentially send fans, monkey ‘nuts’.  

Whilst OpenSea is the largest open-source NFT marketplace on the decentralised Web, that does come with downfalls and one of which is that it can be prone to fake and scam collection pages, so be careful!

Monkey League

Monkey League is currently working closely with OpenSea to verify the final collection on Gen Zero Monkey NFTs on their collection page. If you would like to view the current Monkeys available, here is where to find their latest available via their collection page on OpenSea.

MonkeyLeague OpenSea Collection Page:

The Lucky Monkey Raffle

The guys at MonkeyLeague are also giving away Gen Zero Monkey NFTs to celebrate their enlistment into OpenSea’s BETA. Therefore, if you want to be eligible for this giveaway, all you need to do is follow them on Twitter and Retweet their OpenSea tweet to be in with a chance.

You can find links to all their socials right here: | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Youtube Twitch | Facebook Instagram | Reddit


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