Paris Hilton invests in Polygon NFT ticketing company Afterparty

Paris Hilton and several other celebrities have invested in Afterparty. The NFT-focused startup has raised a total of $7 million for its NFT ticketing platform.  

Afterparty: Celebrities, Angel Investors, and an NFT Ticketing Platform

Paris Hilton recently made headlines after she joined the list of celebrities to contribute to the fundraising efforts of Afterparty. Afterparty is an all-in-one event ticketer and organizer, and the startup recently unveiled its plans to develop a new version of its NFT ticketing platform and has since solicited investments from various angel investors. 

During its most recent fundraising round, the NFT-focused startup was able to raise $ 4 million and bring its total investment pool to $7 million. Several notable names made significant contributions that increased the amount to its current level, and headlining the list is American socialite Paris Hilton.

Besides Paris Hilton, some of the other celebrities to have invested in the Afterpart NFT project include; NBA Star, Andre Iguodala, Zillow’s co-founder, Spencer Rascoff, The executive producer of Project Runway, Desiree Gruber, VC firm – Headline’s Nicole Farb and Jason Calacanis.

A few of Afterparty’s leading seed investors – Blockchange, Acrew Capital, and TenOneTen Ventures also participated in the latest funding round. 

The investments are being made towards the launch of Afterparty’s second NFT collection and its new NFT ticketing marketplace slated to be developed on Polygon. CEO and Founder of Afterparty David Fields Disclosed to Decrypt that they’re set to launch the second version of the NFT marketplace on Polygon sometime in May.

Tickets and NFTs: Why Celebs are Investing in Afterparty

Afterparty is positioning itself as a first-choice NFT ticketing platform. In March, the company organized the world’s first music festival to be fully ticketed with NFTs. The tickets tagged “Utopians collection” were minted on the Ethereum blockchain and were sold as entry passes to the music festival held in Las Vegas. A number of celebrities such as Sia, Heidi Klum, and Josh Duhamel are now certified holders of the Utopian tickets.

However, Afterparty plans to launch its second collection of NFTs, “the Guardians,” on Polygon. The CEO explained that they moved the project to Polygon to reduce buyer fees as much as possible. He further stated that one of the company’s goals is to distinguish Afterparty from more traditional ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster and Stubhub and develop a marketplace that’ll provide better experiences for fans.

Afterparty NFTs: Things to Look Forward To

Holders of either Utopians or Guardian NFTs will have access to subsequent events organized by Afterparty for the next couple of years. Afterparty NFTs also grant the holders ownership of the corresponding digital art pieces and access to other promised benefits. Essentially, Afterparty’s NFTs serve as tickets, digital assets, and presale pass for future Afterparty projects, and in addition, Afterparty has partnered with Moonpay to enable credit card payments for buyers who don’t have crypto wallets. So you can purchase Guardians NFTs for the upcoming Afterparty event in Los Angeles in October with fiat currency. Furthermore, Afterparty will provide flexible NFT custody to holders meaning that you can leave your assets with Afterparty for as long as you want and take possession of them whenever you’re ready.


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