Polygon NFTs Expands its Offerings to Rarible

On 17 March 2022, Rarible began supporting Polygon NFTs on its platform, as well as allowing multi-wallet support on the marketplace. Here’s more on the development.

Rarible: One step at a time

On Thursday, Rarible shared some exciting additions to the marketplace, and some people are touting this platform to challenge OpenSea for the #1 NFT marketplace spot in 2022. Rarible now supports Polygon and offers multi-chain wallet support, another crucial step on the marketplace’s multi-chain roadmap.

In addition to now supporting NFTs minted on Polygon, Rarible supports Flow, Tezos, and Ethereum. The announcement this week is another step in its multi-chain expansion plan. With a total of four platforms supported, it is in a better position to command more of the market than ever before.

Alexei Falin, the company’s CEO, shared the following about the expansion: “We have enjoyed watching the NFT market grow rapidly throughout the past two years, but acknowledge that certain roadblocks exist within the space, including high gas fees and ecosystem limitations.”

Rarible isn’t just supporting Polygon NFTs; the partnership extends to Polygon Studios. Polygon Studios is a program that promotes NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse projects built on the Polygon platform. Polygon support will help Rarible with developer support and marketing during the partnership.

Falin also shared the following about the extended partnership with Polygon Studios, “As the protocol continues to evolve into the go-to platform for NFT developers, support from Polygon Studios will be extremely beneficial.”

Rarible’s Multi-wallet product

Accompanying the introduction of Polygon to the Rarible family, it launched its long-awaited multi-wallet profile feature that allows users to sign-in on the platform with up 20 wallets across a wide range of blockchains – as long as the blockchain is supported.

As a user, if you control more than one wallet across Flow, Polygon, Tezos, or Ethereum, you’ll have no reason to constantly go through the hassle of signing in every time you want to trade NFTs on the platform. It is a multi-dimensional platform, and while Rarible.com is a hub for trading NFTs, the Rarible protocol that powers builders can use the wallet to support third-party applications.

Rarible is also built around the RARI token; users get to have a say in the governance of the platform and more. Rarible’s multi-chain wallet strategy seems to be working for the platform, and it’ll be exciting to see how they grow it in the future.

Is Rarible making a charge for the Crown?

Many people believe that the platform is making moves to position itself, to be in the best position to become #1 by overtaking OpenSea in the NFTs marketplace scene. Admittedly, OpenSea is multiple times more significant than Rarible in almost all the metrics. Still, it would not be unimaginable to expect the team behind this project to have enormous dreams.

In November 2021, Rarible’s CEO shared that Polygon and Solana are in its roadmap, and now that Polygon has been added, Solana should be next.


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