CAA partners with Cool Cats

The Creative Artists Agency (CAA) recently partnered with the Cool Cats brand, and the partnership includes the Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT collections

Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Creative Artists Agency is one of the most exciting entertainment and sports agencies. This company has interests in a plethora of live and pre-recorded entertainment, publishing, digital media, philanthropy, and much more.

As it’s popularly known, the CAA has set itself apart from the competition, and this company keeps breaking glass ceilings in its industry. Over the weekend, this company announced its most recent partnership with the “Cool” NFTs; this includes the Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT collections.

The CAA has distinguished itself from the competition through its collaborative culture and impeccable customer relations. With a diverse workforce, the CAA innovates, identifies, and amplifies opportunities to make our world a better and more creative place.

A few days ago, the CAA announced that it would work with the company to identify and prepare opportunities for Cool Cats characters across a wide range of areas and industries. These opportunities will include licensing and merchandising digital content to help access brand partnerships and other opportunities for the projects.

The partnership with Cool Cats and Cool Pets will help both companies reach their goals better and more efficiently. With over $250 million in cumulative sales since its launch, the Cool Cats project has many growth opportunities. The CAA will help them better access opportunities.

Cool Cats & Cool Pets

In eight months, the Cool Cats originals project has made unbelievable strides that take most companies a lifetime to achieve – and most companies within and outside the NFT space will never experience the level of success it has garnered in a few months.

The collection was co-founded by a founding team including Colin Egan, Evan Luza, Tom Williamson, and Rob Mehew. The original project launched in July and calls the Ethereum blockchain its home. Since its launch eight months ago, it has sold out all 9,999 NFTs in its collection.

Thanks to the success of the project, in early 2022, the company launched a spinoff known as Cool Pets, which has brought the company behind both projects more success. The CAA and Cool Cats partnership is exciting, but what does the future hold for both companies?

Cool Cats and the CAA

Evan Luza, one of the co-founders of the Cool Cats project, shared the following about what the future might hold for the project. “People’s perception of Cats solely exists in the NFT capacity right now, but that’s just our launching platform for the brand as a whole, so we intend to take it in just about every avenue that we possibly can.”

As the NFT space grows and more consolidation occurs, we’ve reached the point where projects and companies look for alternative means of monetizing their products. The partnership between both parties promises to be exciting, and it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses over the months.


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