Exchange Platform to Launch in the USA, one of the most popular crypto exchanges worldwide, recently announced that its exchange platform service is available to US-based users. The U.S. at last is one company that believes in the power of the USA as a critical market to help it expand and gain more customers. After years of non-stop marketing efforts, is finally kicking off the rollout of its exchange platform to United States users.

The launch will occur in phases, and during an announcement by the company, they stated that the exchange is already available to users who signed up for its waitlist program. If you would like to trade on’s platform now, you need to be an institutional investor to do so. still needs more institutional investors to join its project; that’s why it is inviting US-based institutional investors to join its waitlist and enjoy its platform. Over the next few months, the plan is for everyday investors to trade using is all about the experience; that’s why VIP users of this platform can access market insights, rewards, exclusive events, forums, and much more in addition to its standard exchange services.

During this announcement, Kris Marszalek, CEO, shared the following, “We are excited to be expanding our offering for professional traders to the U.S.” airdropped NFTs featuring basketball powerhouse, Lebron James. The moment of Truth collection featured 5,500 NFTs given to people that viewed its advertisement during February’s SuperBowl.

Crypto.Com Exchange Platform: An elitist platform?

Since its announcement, many people have wondered whether the exchange platform is positioning itself as an elitist platform for the wealthy. Admittedly, only admitting institutional investors will lead to people asking such questions.

According to the CEO of, “ Exchange will support U.S. institutional investors through this initial launch phase. We are looking forward to rolling it out to everyone as soon as possible.” has promised that the platform is built for the public and committed to admitting every eligible interested person. The introduction of in the USA brings another layer of competition for existing and intending Crypto marketplaces.

The team behind this company has proven multiple times that they are not shy about going all in and making massive investments. You only need to look at their NFT marketplace and the Cronos NFT projects. This affinity for making big moves has not gone unnoticed among NFT stakeholders and marketplaces.

How far can Marketing take this company?

Over the last few months, has made significant moves on its quest to make its brand a household name in the U.S. before its launch. One of the most recognizable landmarks in Los Angeles changed its name from Staples Center to Arena after the company acquired the arena’s naming rights. They are not the only crypto exchange to build an NFT marketplace, others include Kraken and Binance.


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