Another Discord Hack Claims Victims

Wizard Pass is the latest project to be the victim of a Discord hack. NFT Discord servers being compromised is one of the biggest problems that NFT projects face, and it’s a serious issue that keeps occurring, losing investors a lot of money.

Discord: NFTs meeting point

If there’s one thing synonymous with NFT projects, it’ll be discord channels, and it’s almost impossible for investors to get into the NFT space without having a firm grasp of Discord usage. On the other hand, NFT projects tend to suffer when they lack active discord channels.

Discord has become a hub for NFT conversations, collaboration, and enjoyment in more ways than one. Discord servers range in size from two members to projects creating multiple channels due to space. Many people believe that Discord is one of the critical tools that have helped NFTs become what they are today.

Due to the popularity and importance of Discord in the NFT space, it has, unfortunately, become an easy target for hackers, thieves, and everyone in between. In most cases, all it takes to join an NFT project Discord is clicking a link, and in other instances, NFT holders can access relevant Discord spaces.

When you put people from all works of life in a chat group dealing with NFT investments and cryptocurrency, malicious actors will soon make their way into the space. We’ve heard reports of NFT discords being infiltrated and investments being stolen on more than one occasion. NFT Discord-related thefts are rising, and perpetrators are getting craftier daily.

Wizard Pass Discord Hack

Wizard Pass is one of the most recent victims of NFT Discord-related heist. What stands out the most about the Wizard Pass discord hack is that the team behind this project downplayed the severity of the hack, which may have contributed to more valuable NFT tokens and Ethereum being stolen during the heist.

Wizard Pass was not spared by #NFTTwitter as a myriad of NFT stakeholders and affected investors descended on the bird app to share their frustrations and disappointment with the handling of the Wizard Pass Discord hack.

On Monday, 14 March 2022, Wizard Pass’ founder responded to criticisms concerning the project’s handling of the breach. He apologized to the victims of the Discord breach. He shared that the project’s Discord server was taken down after the breach was back in operation, further assuring the public that his team is contacting affected individuals.

Discord Servers: Is there a long-term solution to securing servers?

As NFTs grow in popularity and the amount of money involved in the space increases, it attracts more people trying to take advantage and get ahead through malicious means. Discord server hacks have refused to decrease even as the platform implements stricter security protocols to protect users.

Moving on, NFT project owners and administrators need to do a better job at policing their Discord servers to limit participation by unknown elements while also monitoring behavior and movements within spaces. Preventing future attacks should be among the priorities of NFT project administrators.


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