Digital Fashion Meets Augmented Reality on Tezos with Vyking

Vyking, a leading augmented reality (AR) try-on technology provider for major fashion brands, such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Under Armour, New Balance, Guerlain and Crocs has announced the launch of a new digital fashion collectables app called ‘flex’.  Flex will launch in Block/Space’s digital playground on Tezos where those lucky enough will get to experience how culture is being imagined within the realm of the metaverse.  Upon entering Bloc/Space you will create a 3D character before trying on your new NFT sneaker courtesy of ‘flex’ and Vyking. 

About Vyking

Vyking is essentially a virtual try-on solutions agent that aims to power the future of commerce.  They have 3D foot tracking technology which is aimed at AR applications allowing for “on-foot” product visualization which can be visualized seamlessly via any device or smartphone.  This can even be done with or without socks.

If you’d like a sneak preview of what Vyking’s augmented reality is all about then head on over to their ‘Sneaker Studio’ an online tool that lets you manage all your 3D assets.

And here is what Thibault Marion de Procé, Vyking’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer has to say on augmented reality and the metaverse:

“We’ve been working in augmented reality for many years now and for us, it’s the best way to enhance the people and places around us, adding layers of art and function on top of the human experience. In the same way that the clothes you wear in real life tell the story of who you are and how you feel, so will digital fashion be flexed across the metaverse.”


Flex is an application that allows users to collect, trade, and show off their digital fashion collections and will debut a range of sneaker collections inside of the Bock/Space metaverse from creators such as Johwska, Finn Rush-Taylor Studio and Monument.

Flex is combining digital ownership of NFTs within the AR / Metaverse space using Vyking’s leading AR technology which marks a huge forward movement in the digital fashion revolution that is currently in play.  Due to flex’s partnership with Vyking and down to their ‘try-on’ technology, NFT holders will be able to show off their fancy footwear or other ‘Instagrammable’ digital fashion items on social media for full exposure.

And here is what Thibault Marion de Procé, Vyking’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer has to say on Flex:

“The world around us is changing rapidly as the pace of culture continues to move in lockstep with that of technology. We at Vyking saw a unique opportunity to leverage our proven AR technology that powers AR experiences for leading brands into a user and creator-centric application that combines real ownership and AR with the expanding world of digital fashion. flex is a game-changer for digital fashion, and we are thrilled to play a part in bringing this creative revolution to life.”

Flex will launch at Block/Space presented by Tezos, part of SXSW 2022; fair-goers will be able to experience the flex app at the ‘flex sneaker shop’.

To learn more about flex, join the Discord, follow on Twitter  or visit


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