New DappRadar Report Reveals Three Rising NFT Stars

DappRadar’s ‘New Dapps Report’ has revealed three gigantic movers and shakers in the last 30 days of NFT trading. 

‘Invisible Friends’, ‘3Landers’ and ‘Tubby Cats’ are spectacularly defying the current downtrend in the market. 

 These three amazing collections were identified by the New Dapps Report using their sophisticated metrics and analytics. All three have experienced meteoric growth in the last 30 days, both in their social media and their trade volume with Invisible Friends topping $77 million.  

Invisible Friends

invisible friends NFTs

 There’s weathering the storm, then there’s absolutely thriving in the storm, which is exactly what Invisible Friends are doing on the Ethereum blockchain. 

This collection, created by prolific artist and animator Magnus Magnusson, was minted on February 23rd and the floor price has appreciated by nearly 3,020% since then. The collection comprises 5,000 animated avatars – and they have all sold out. 

 One look at these vibrant avatars will show you why they were so popular. Revitalizing the classic rubber-hose animation style, which was first used about a century ago, appears to be a masterstroke. 

Invisible Friends has sent the community into raptures, with the top sale of a modest 200 ETH – over half a million dollars! Not bad – since the floor price (starting price) was around 7 ETH. 

 ‘Hats off’ to Invisible Friends for absolutely crushing it during a bearish market and they were not alone in their conquests. 


3Landers NFTs

The last 30 days also saw the rise of 3Landers –  a collection of 10,000 googly-eyed avatars made by Thai artist ‘Pom’ and fashion designer ‘Stubby’ in cooperation with 

 Pom has a unique cartoon style and these distinct, freaky avatars have been trading serious volumes of Ethereum – over $57 million over the last 30 days, with the floor price appreciating 980%. What’s the secret to their success?

 Firstly, they have credibility – the creators are visible and renowned for their high-quality NFT collections. Their Social media presence is strong and their values are resonant with the community. In the past 30 days, their Twitter following skyrocketed by over 160,000 – displaying their present dominance in the market. 

 3Landers are definitely one to watch out for on the Ethereum blockchain, as are the Tubby Cats, by the Tubby Collective, who’ve come out of nowhere to announce themselves on the NFT world stage. 

Tubby Cats

Tubby cats NFTs

Tubby Cats is a collection of 20,000 hand-created, adorable cat NFTs, derived from 120 various themed palettes. 

 They may not boast a social media presence as mighty as the previous two collections, but the last 30 days has seen the Tubby Cats collection reach dizzying trading volume heights of $31,254,570. 

The correlation between social media presence and trading volume continues, as the majority of their 23,000 Twitter followers joined in the last 30 days in what has been an epic month for the Tubby Collective. 

 Staggering numbers, yet these three NFT collections have struck a note during troubled times. 

They’ve inspired, they’ve moved, they’ve motivated and the creators are probably corking champagne as we speak – and rightfully so. Thoroughly deserved success and we’re looking forward to seeing more resonant NFT collections on the New Dapps Report.

DappRadar Reports

The New Dapps Report is a significant tool for those looking to invest in NFTs or mint your own. It’s all in the numbers and the report gives a high-level perspective on promising new NFT collections, which are randomly generated. 

 The report is extremely detailed and focuses on financial metrics, including sales activity and price analysis, and distribution metrics like Unique Holders Ratio and Whale Concentration Index. 

 We’ll be back soon with more detailed insights from the awesome crew at DappRadar.


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