DappRadar Report: Three NFT Collections That Are HOT Right Now

February 2022’s edition of the DappRadar report features an in-depth analysis on three NFT collections that are blowing up within the space, right now.

These NFT collections are Karafuru, Tasty Bones and Cool Pets.

February’s DappRadar report provides readers with an in-depth analysis of the latest and most promising NFT collections.  The report dives deep into each project and focuses on financial metrics (including easily read charts showing sales activity and price analysis), distribution metrics such as the unique holders ration and whale concentration index, whale behavioural patterns, social awareness, and technical overviews.

Full DappRadar report available hereA link will also be provided at the end of the article.

The 3 NFT collections

Karafuru is a project developed by the Jakarta Museum of Toys and has approximately 5,555 NFTs in its collection.  The Jakarta Museum of Toys partners with big artists to make NFT collections and Karafuru is the product of the museum’s partnership with WD_Willy and has thus far generated over $100 million in trading volume since hitting the market on the 4th February.

Tasty Bones is a project developed by the same team that released Approving Corgis on Binance Smartchain and is a collection of 5,000 vibrant, skeleton-themed avatars.  At the time when the DaapReport was compiled, Tasty Bones was the 8th most traded collection in the previous 7 days boasting a trading volume of over $14 million.

Cool Pets is actually a sub collection of Cool Cats; a total of 19,999 Cool Pets are randomly generated and fully integratable into the Cooltopia ecosystem and evolve as per the input from the Cool Pet holder.  At the time of report, Cool Pets was the 14th most traded collection over the week with a trading volume over $7 million.

In summary

Karafuru is showing the strongest performance indicators and has really hit the ground running.  It has traded over $94 million in the last 30 days at the time of report (February 2022) and is the 6th most traded collection.  Its performance is highlighted by a 2,887% increase in floor price growth.  Founders of the project have a proven track record of delivering high sought-after and successful projects.

Tasty Bones is a trending project bearing similar qualities to Cool Cats and Doodles with its pastel, mellow aesthetics.  The team behind the project are well known within the NFT space.  At the time of report, the project has had over 5,000 unique traders in the last 7 days which is steadily growing.  The project’s social media is growing rapidly gaining over 161,000 Twitter followers in just 30 days.

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