Paris NFT Day, Gold and Platinum VIP Passes

You can now register for VIP passes to the Paris NFT Day (PND), which commences on April 12th, 2022, at  Palais Brongniart. You can apply via their website.

According to an earlier press release, the first ever PND day will include a conference with global digital assets leaders, physical exhibitions, and a digital gallery. Prominent NFT artists will also be in attendance.  

There is a limited amount of 150 ‘Early Bird’ VIP Passes. You can register for either a Gold or Platinum Pass.

The Gold Pass

The Gold Pass for PND comes at a cost €715, excluding VAT. However, you can use this Promo code, ORPBWS2022, to get an additional discount when you register. The pass gives you certain privileges.

  • Entry to Paris NFT Day
  • Access to all side events
  • Entry to digital database and digital events
  • NFT cocktails
  • And a unique Digital NFT Gift Bag

The Platinum Pass NFT ticket

The Platinum Pass comes at a price of €1,390. The pass gives you:

  • Entry to the event
  • Access to VIPs
  • Access to all events
  • Preferential access to featured events
  • VIP access to database and digital events
  • Join VIP NFT cocktails
  • 2 unique Digital NFT Gift Bags
  • 2 pre-arranged meetings

Further perks pertaining to both passes include 15% off tickets for next year’s event, as well as free merch given out at the VIP entrance. Additionally, you get a print of your NFT ticket and a personalized entrance and fast pass.

What’s Happening at Paris NFT Day?

So, you have registered for your VIP pass, what can you expect?

The day will see a host of speakers, including Austin Federa, Head of Communications at Solana Labs and Inna Modja, Artist & Musician. Others include Sebastien Borget, Co-founder, and COO of the Sandbox and others. There will also be several sessions, the format of which, are still to be announced.

On the run up to the Summit there will also be a Hackathon from the 8th to the 10th of April.

About Paris NFT Day

This is the first annual PND. It is community orientated, with participants educating others, whilst enticing newcomers to embrace this new technology. It further wishes to spread the gospel about digital creations and ownership. The event will organize artists, blockchain developers, brand names, gamers, and more to showcase how NFT can be used in the real-world.

About Paris Blockchain Week Summit

PBWS became the first French international blockchain summit when it commenced in 2019. This year’s event runs from the 12-14th, April 2022, at Palais Brongniart (former French stock exchange) in Paris and online via a dedicated digital platform. The event is organized by leading emerging technology companies and organizations: ONX-Blockchain and Woorton. Supported by some of the leading figures in tech and politics, PBWS will accelerate the growth of blockchain and digital assets in France and beyond.

Once again, here is the promo code for a discount for Paris NFT Day when you register, ORPBWS2022.


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