NftySanta gift wraps NFTs to send as presents. is a new website set up by Tom Watson, where you send an NFT that is then wrapped and sent as a Christmas gift to a loved one or friend. He or she will not be able to open the NFT present until Christmas day.

Tom Watson, the founder of Hubble states “With Christmas around the corner I decided to build a fun little site that enables people to gift NFTs to others where they can’t unwrap it till Christmas day! It’s called NftySanta.

What is is is a brand new website that allows people to gift NFTs to their loved ones for Christmas. The contract takes an existing NFT that you own, and wraps it up as a present which will appear in the lucky recipient’s wallet—they can then open it at midnight on 24th December (GMT).

As you probably know, NFTs have taken the world by storm in 2021 with the recent Nike acquisition of RTFKT and over $26.9 billion of sales this year. With NFTs still in their early stages, the gift you send to your loved one could be worth millions in a short time—winning you a few brownie points with your gift.

How it works

The sender picks the address they want to send the NFT to. Then, they write a special message and choose an NFT they currently own on the Ethereum mainnet.

Next, they wrap this up by sending it to the NftySanta contract which mints a present for the recipient.

It only costs 0.01E to send a present. And there are various competitions running on the @NftySanta twitter account which will add people to Santa’s “nice list” allowing you to send presents for free.

Finally, the recipient of the wrapped gift is unable to open it until Christmas Day. Once, they open the gift the NFT will magically appear in their wallet.

About Tom Watson

 Tom Watson (@tmw_buidls) was previously the Founder and former-CTO of VC backed London startup, Hubble, which he left earlier this year to pursue new ventures. Over the last 6 months he has been exploring and building in the NFT world.

He says ” I thought this would be a great way to build infrastructure that can be applied to other stuff, learn a ton more about blockchain…as well as spreading some Christmas cheer!”


This is a great idea for gifting a friend something different that could really change their lives, financially, in the future.

At first, we were skeptical of the idea. We actually contacted Tom and asked what was to stop him from running off with the NFTs. However, he pointed us to the contract, which our tech guy checked it.

In the contract never actually gets access to the NFT. The user sending the token defines the address of the recipient at the time of sending. Their is no way of interrupting the process unless the recipient address is wrong.

We love the idea. Why not gift wrap an NFT Christmas gift today. Head over to NftySanta.




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