Venly launches MetaRing Membership Your Pass across the Metaverse

Venly recently introduced MetaRing NFTs that work as cross-chain passes full of utility. Owners of the digital wearable can use the NFTs for in-game rewards and benefits, including NFT drops, discounts, and Land sales.

Venly, which was formerly the Arkane Network, envision an ever-expanding Metaverse full of compatible platforms, where participants can seamlessly move from one metaverse to the other.

Unfortunately, this is not the case today. Many virtual worlds are built privately. Venly intend changing this with MetaRing.

MetaRing NFTs put the owner at the center of the complete metaverse, allowing unfettered movement around the eco-system. Moreover, owners benefit further, through such things as participation in events, excess to virtual real estate and priority for future drops.

The initial MetaRing drop consists of 1000 NFTs at a price equivalent to $1000. The team have not ruled out future editions of the MetaRing NFTs but there will only ever be 1000 Origin NFTs.

Out of the initial 1000 MetaRing NFTs, 100 will be kept aside for the team and future partners. The team will withhold a further 50 NFTs as rewards for those that helped get the project out there.

The remaining 850 MetaRing NFTs are available to mint on the Venly Platform. Minting is on a ‘be there or be square basis. So, get your skates on and join their Discord group to get a link to the sale.

You can also find a guide to help you fund your Venly Marketplace Wallet and the steps needed to acquire a MetaRing NFT.

Perks of MetaRing NFTs

Owners will further benefit from the ever-expanding partnerships that Venly are exploring. These include The Sandbox, Polygon, Trace Race Manager, Vulcan Forged, House of Kibaa, Coorest, V3, Givetree, Alphaverse and Redkite. Others include Dragonlabz,,, Carbonbase, Purple Penguin, Aavegotchi,, and others.

Let’s look at these in a little more detail.

  • Sandbox: Opportunity to be added to the whitelist giveaway of 100 Alpha passes, exclusive to MetaRing owners.
  • Trace Race Manager: get a limited-edition racecar and avatar available only to owners of a MetaRing NFT.
  • Vulcan Forged: collect an everlasting 10% XP booster when wearing a MetaRing in game. Plus, more opportunities for inclusions in whitelists, Land sales and more.
  • Many other partners offer even more perks, including Coorest where you receive a unique tree to plant.  
Partners with MetaRing

These are just a few of the perks available. You can read about other partners here.

Stefan Colins, the Metaverse Partnerships Director at Venly, states:

“MetaRing is one of the few projects on the market that brings all metaverses together, offering ultimate interoperability,” He goes on, “by marrying interoperability with diverse layers of utility, we give more value to the NFT owners. We have a team at Venly that will be focused on striking deals with new metaverses and emerging players, meaning that the MetaRing benefits and value will only scale over the years to come.” 

Additionally, Sandeep Nailwal, the Co-Founder of Polygon said:

“Interoperability is the next frontier of the entire blockchain industry, and the metaverse is a platform enabled by users.  Venly’s MetaRing steps into the market with a unique value proposition: connecting users with the best projects of the web3 space.”

About Venly

Venly is a blockchain technology provider. It offers users of blockchain projects digital wallets to store assets with a native solution that also works on mobile devices. Venly also recently launched the Venly Market as the first-ever peer-to-peer and blockchain agnostic NFT marketplace. ‍


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