Metaverse ETFs are taking off Worldwide

Metaverse Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are growing at an impressive rate in 2022, with certain countries driving the global growth of Metaverse ETFs.

From Korea with Love

Metaverse ETFs have been growing insanely over the past few months, and we can track movements in a plethora of countries worldwide. As of February 2022, the country that’s doing the most heavy lifting with relation to Metaverse ETF transactions is a country that may not come to mind immediately.

When we think of significant crypto and NFT countries, large economies like the US and Germany come to mind; countries with failing currencies like Nigeria and Turkey may also come to mind. Still, the country where metaverse ETFs have been booming for the last few months is the Republic of Korea.

Koreans love their Metaverse ETFs, and they cannot get enough of this fantastic financial tool. In October 2021, ROK’s first four ETFs launched, and according to Indxx, they attracted over $100 Million worth of investments in the first 14 days.

As of January 2022, the Republic of Korea had eight metaverses ETFs listed in their country. According to data made available by Samsung Asset Management, these eight ETFs welcomed over $1 Billion. This shows that the Republic of Korea government has put processes in place to help foster the growth and establishment of metaverse ETFs; additionally, South Koreans have a high affinity for Metaverse-related ETFs, and this has wide-reaching consequences.

South Korean Metaverse Excellence

When we look at the Metaverse ETFs in the ROK, the reason for this country’s success becomes apparent, and some of the ETFs include NH Amundi Asset Management’s Hanaro Fn K-Metaverse MZ, Samsung Asset Management’s KODEX K-Metaverse Active, Mirae Asset Global Investment’s Tiger Fn Metaverse, and KB Asset Management’s KBSTAR iSelect Metaverse.

Some of the major holders in these ETFs are world-renowned tech chipmakers, tech companies, and players in South Korea’s entertainment industry. With that in mind, there has been a lot of global interest in Korean ETFs, but this interest has been dwarfed by local demand. Retail interest for ETFs in the ROK has been unbelievable, with over 70% of movements in domestic and global ETFs based in this country being from local investors.

The future looks bright for Metaverse ETFs and retail investing in the Republic of Korea, but an unlikely industry may drive the future growth.


Everybody is aware of how popular and globally relevant the Korean music industry is, and industry players are banking on this global acclaim to drive the growth of the metaverse over the next few years. When we consider recent K-Pop-related announcements in the metaverse, it’ll be unwise not to expect Korean decision-makers to leverage the power and appeal of Korean entertainment to drive metaverse growth worldwide.

Additionally, Metaverse ETFs look set to take off worldwide, with jurisdictions like Hong Kong and others committed to entering the Metaverse ETF arena. There’s no denying that the next few months will be exciting and interesting to follow.


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