Pieland Octopie NFTs planning a Carbon friendly mint

Who’s hungry for some baked pie? Whether it’s apple, pumpkin, or pecan, we all love a slice of pie. Over the years pies have evolved from something you ate to something that you could shove in your friend’s face. However, we are faced with the further evolution of the humble pie, this time as Octopie NFTs.

These Octopie NFTs live in a land known as Pieland, where pies of all denominations gather in awe at what they have made. Both land and sea creatures packed full of mouth-watering pie fillings encased in crumbly delectable pie crusts live there.

The inhabitants of this land are varied with each unique Octopie coming from a Slice. Each slice has a variety of traits and distinct adaptations.

Impressed? Well, to get a piece of the pie, or Octopie NFT, you will need to be free on the 10th of February. That’s when the great NFT Bake Sale is occurring on their new website, Pieland.io. Here you can mint an Octopie, which is a collection of 10,314 NFTs for 0.088 Ethereum per NFT.

When you mint an Octopie, you have the ability to enter Pieland, where you can “hang out with community members, earn special prizes, participate in cool competitions and join in on some exciting events.”

The website features its roadmap and an FAQs section.

Pineland’s pre-order window opens February 4th, and for those on the whitelist who participate.

Looking ahead the team has a busy 10 days before the launch of the Octopie NFT collection on the 10th of February.

  • On 30th January the roadmap is published.
  • 4th February, they move the whitelist to Discord.
  • 4th February, Commencement of pre-order window.
  • 7th February, closure of the pre-order window.
  • 10th February, the commencement of pre-sale at 8 am PST (GMT -8hrs).
  • 10th February, the commencement of public sale at 3 pm PST (GMT -8hrs).

You will need to be active on their Twitter and discord channels to win a spot on their whitelist. Those on the whitelist can pre-mint up to five Octopies before the masses arrive. As a special gift from Pieland, gas fees related to pre-order and delivery will also be covered by the Pieland team for those on the whitelist who participate in the pre-order.  

Pieland is committed to a negative carbon footprint

In today’s world most things we do add to our carbon footprint. This includes each time we move, trade, or mint an NFT. For example, any transaction on the Ethereum network needs to be verified by an army of computers, using complex algorithms.

These leave behind a large carbon footprint that the team at Pieland want to turn into a negative carbon footprint.

How are they going to achieve that, you ask?

Well, once the first public mint is over Bonfire will calculate how much Gas was commissioned in the minting of the full collection. After that, they will appraise their impact on the environment. Thereafter, they will work with an environmental consultant to guarantee openness and equity.

Once they have finished the audit, they will donate a percentage of the sales to an environmental group dedicated to lowering humanity’s carbon footprint. Among the organizations mentioned were Terrapass or groups associated with Ecosia.

Next, after a period of 3 months tally for the total trades on the marketplace will again be tallied up and a portion of the proceeds will again be handed out as donations to environmental groups.

Carbon Negative footprint

These donations will neutralize the project’s carbon footprint. Still, that is not enough for Pieland. They want to go a step further to become a project that has a net positive carbon footprint.

They intend to do this by planting trees, most likely with the Eden Project, for each Octopie NFT minted on Pieland.

The Team

The team originally had 3 members all of whom are equal partners, but they have since added another 4 members to the team. Luke is one of the founding members of the team and goes by the Twitter handle ElDumboTS. Luke works for Dapper Labs as a Community Manager. Another is ‘Bonfire’, which built Livetoken, which tracks the stats on NFTs on the NBA Top Shot ecosystem. The final founding member of the team is Daniel or Kelekin. He works for NFL ALL DAY LIVE operations team and is leading the management aspect of the project.

Website: https://pieland.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PielandNFT

Discord: https://t.co/XrpG7yYzqc

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pielandnft/


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