Crypto Tribe – Welcome to a New World to Discover

What enters your mind when you think of a ‘tribe’? Is it the many uncontacted communities who strive to preserve their way of life away from a crazy world? What about just strong communities with common family, cultural, and social bonds?

Crypto Tribes, a project which aims to keep Sandbox land for original holders, hold physical parties in the ‘Tribe Forest’, and airdrop 3D avatars, is fast becoming one of those communities, a tribe – and they’ve done a great job so far as a lead up to their launch – here’s why.

A New World to Discover

The team behind Crypto Tribe wants to bring back a sense of community which, they say, has been lost throughout the ages – a world ‘not created’ but to be ‘discovered’ again.

The main value of the project is the strong and united community – whose shared decisions will drive the project forward into the Metaverse. This strong community is already forming with thousands of members active daily.  

7070 unique Crypto Tribe NFTs are awaiting new members and will be launching on the Ethereum Blockchain – 29th January 2022.

Each Crypto Tribe NFT is uniquely created and born into its own tribe family. If you’re lucky enough – you might mint a rare Crypto Tribe ‘Chief’ NFT.

The pre-sale price for a Crypto Tribe NFT is 0.06 ETH and in the public sale, the price will be 0.09 ETH. 5% of secondary sales will go to the Crypto Tribe team, however, to help this project continue to grow, a portion of these royalties will go towards marketing and other activities.

Sandra Koval – The Artist

It’s not that often we come across NFT avatar projects where we get to learn about the artist behind the art, but, Crypto Tribe are proud of Sandra Koval, a talented 25-year-old artist since the age of 4.

Sandra uses many different techniques and forms in her art and is inspired by topics such as feminism, sexuality, freedom, and deep emotions.

Her love for digital art began 3 years ago and is now her main focus. Sandra says, ‘It’s a medium with endless exciting possibilities to explore’.

During 2020, she worked with Clean the Butts – designing ecological ashtrays as a solution to cigarette butts that pollute beaches.

Crypto Tribe Roadmap

10% – The first 10% sold is the formation of the Tribe so if you want to be part of that – get in early! 10 lucky holders will receive an exclusive Tribe canvas. In addition, 5 lucky Tribe members will receive a gift from the Gods – possibly one of those rare ‘Chiefs’ we mentioned earlier.

25% – 20 Tribe members will be given a full set of the new Crypto Tribe merchandise. They will also reveal merchandise partners exclusive to Tribe members.

50% – At this stage, Tribe leaders are emerging. 1 lucky holder will receive a rare Tribe ‘Chief’ NFT. 10 members will receive NFTs – one of whom will receive 1 ETH!

75% – It’s time for the Tribe to start deciding their own fate, to decide who they are going to share their wealth with – how so? Tribe members will decide together on a foundation and donate 5 ETH to them. 

100% – The avatars are resurrected! At this stage, the Tribe gets ready to march on into the Metaverse with celebrations, events, and gatherings (They’ve already started to do this – and Crypto Tribe recently had an event for their members in Israel). Also around this time, the team will airdrop 3D Crypto Tribe avatars to members.

Marching on the Metaverse

When the Tribe does march on the Metaverse, what will be there for members? Well, Crypto Tribes are buying virtual land in the Sandbox for its holders – a place where Tribe members will really be able to get to know each other, strengthen their bonds, and have fun together. The virtual Sandbox land will be available for holders on March 1st, 2022.

Not only that – Crypto Tribe will issue a token called ($TRB). With this token, you’ll be able to buy objects and properties in a game that the team are currently developing. 

Active Crypto Tribe Members

Crypto Tribe NFT have over 10k followers on Twitter and over 11k members on Discord. This writer joined their Discord to find out what’s going on and the answer is – a lot!

Members are interacting, the Tribe staff are visible and consistently engaging with members and there was fun stuff to do. For example, an art competition for members where the winners won prizes. There are also lots of cool ways to get your name on the whitelist. Go and check it out for yourself.

This is a promising project with an active community and a strong vision for the road ahead. They say they will keep going as long as their members push forward and they want the ‘Tribe’ to be free to choose its own destiny.

If you want to be a part of that destiny – get yourself a Crypto Tribe NFT this month and join your new tribe in the Metaverse.

Crypto Tribes | Discord | Twitter | Instagram


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