Farts in a jar tic toc star sells NFT farts

NFT farts are coming your way courtesy of reality TV star (90-day fiancé), Stephanie Matto. The reality TV star has been making a stink across social media selling her farts packaged in jars to adoring Tic Toc fans. Now, you can mint your own ‘fart in a jar’ NFT on her website, fartjarsnft.com.

You may think there is a bit of a stink to this story, however, Stephanie claims to have made $50,000 in one day alone selling her unique fragrances.

Stephanie has now decided to expand from the World of physical farts to the digital realm of NFT farts.

Sadly, she has taken this decision to move from the physical to the digital, after being rushed to hospital with bowel problems. When asked by Jam Press, what caused the hospitalization she stated that her diet was “causing very intense gas pains”.

The intense pressure to fart daily led Stephanie to eat a high fiber diet and this the doctors state is the cause of her rush to hospital.

Matto said to Jam Press, “I was advised to change my diet and to take a gas suppressant medication, which has effectively ended my business,” 

Irritable as this has been, Stephanie will not go silently, instead she will now offer her farts as NFTs.

Fart NFTs in a jar

The collection consists of 5000 fart NFTs that can be minted at a cost of 0.05ETH via her website, fartjarsnft.com. Each ‘fart in a jar’ is a unique artwork with some redeemable for physical items. These include:

  • 100 tokens that are redeemable for a REAL Fart Jar.
  • 70 tokens can be redeemed for used panties.
  • 30 tokens can be redeemed for items of Stephanie’s used lingerie.

There are other benefits emanating from ‘farts in a jar’ NFTs. One is access to Stephanie, either for “business or pleasure”., zoom meeting, and even a mentor program for those who may be interested in becoming a ‘fartrepreneur’.

This project may get up the nose of some people but why not inhale deeply and slowly take it in. If nothing else we have to say it is unique, just like each bottled fart.


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